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Judging on scores in football – a systematic approach

It might be tough to let go of your favourite team and just focus on goals only, no matter wich side scores. But as it turns out it is worth the effort. Over the year a systematic approach has been exercised based on simple fundamental ideas. Major assumption within this work was, that the angles of the event chart are of paramount importance. Later during the research the positions square to the AC/DC axis were included too – and with some remarkable success…!


So the idea is, that a planet right on the angle should have major influence on the outcome in terms of the amount of goals or elsewise – low score with Saturn for example or high score with the Moon. This has indeed been found so: With Moon on AC I found 3+: 26/13 (3 goals or more in 26 out of 39 matches). Saturn on DC gave 3-: 19/5 (2 or less goals in 19 out of 24 matches). But right in the beginning I have to pronounce that THE CONJUNCTION HAS TO BE CLOSE! An orb of 1° max. has been applied during most of the examples, so – yes, that means, you will have to go through a lot of charts to find the really good stuff… On the other side there is a lot of football played around the world … and modern media produces the chart almost instantly…

Here is a list of testimonies that have been researched:

Not every chapter led to exiting results, but some certainly did…

1. The Moon

This is the chart for the latest match of Fenerbahce vs Istanbul with result of 2-1. As you can see the Moon is precisly rising on the AC. 39 charts of this kind have been collected and as mentioned above 26 of them came out 3+. Sure this is far from spectacular but certainly other than random chance… Results for the Moon on DC with 3+: 30/17 came out almost as good. Here about every second match even was 4+: 22/25, which also appears off the general range…
Moon on MC was less clear in terms of high score but now you find a lott of GG, so goals on both sides. It certainly makes sense if you think about it – the Moon is so the say sharing … giving something to each side… Statistics currently gives: GG/NG: 42/25.

Now as it turns out, this effect is also found and even stronger with the Moon square to AC/DC! Here 74 charts gave GG versus 35 of NG (No goal/goal)! So again this is roughly 2/3 of the whole bunch.
This example chart is for EURO-qualifing match: Scottland vs Poland. Odds for GG were particularly high here (2.4) but with Moon 00 Venus 90 AC/DC sure enough it came out rather spectacular 2:2 even…
These 109 charts with Moon 90° AC/DC have also been analysed by Moon in sign seperatly. From this angle MO in Virgo and Pisces stand out best. Both gave GG: 10/3!

The 60° and 120°- positions of the Moon have been researched too, but unfortunatly without reliable effects…

2. Planets on Angles:

Basicly all planets from Sun down to Chiron have been checked on all four main angles – partialy a waste of time… But with some exiting exceptions! So I will point out the good stuff here:

Kind of record holding planet is Venus on MC. I found 2+, so at least 2 goals, in 34 of 36 matches! It also brought GG: 26/10!

Getting close to this performance is Mars if on IC. This yielded to remarkable 28 victories against only 2 draws! And on top there was NG/GG: 22/8!! So clear cut results as one would expect from that fellow Mars and the 4th house, that is said to show the outcome of things… (As for the example chart: Chelsea vs Porto 2:0)
It has to be pointed out though, that all these matches had Mars in Libra… and sign change into scorpio could also bring some new twist here… :-//

This switch of a planets influence with sign change has already been observed with Jupiter, as it brought plenty of goals when on the MC and in LEO, while the opposite accured with him entering his detriment in Virgo. Recently now 30 charts have been collected with Virgo Jup/IC giving 3-: 21/9. So again something to bet on with good reason - and Jup in Virgo will last for a while too…

Uranus has the recomandation of bringing about the spectacular – well, not always so… Results with UR/MC were dissapointing really, but on AC or DC it gives 3+: 21/12… this has to be further investigated…

The stars can be messi sometimes…

I collected over 200 charts with Neptune on an angle… and it tends to give low score, so 3-, but it has also been clearly observed that this effect largly dissapears with Neptune going direct… So be careful of what you really have in your chart…!

This is a good one! The example chart is from last seasons Bundesliga. Wolfsburg played Mönchengladbach with the result of 1:0. Over the time Saturn/DC brought 3-: 19/5. The effect was seen with Saturn in Scorpio and is continuing now in Saggitarius – mostly… because now with the current Saturn/Neptune - square there is colliding testimony so to say… leading me to the next chapter:

3. Planets 90° AC/DC:

As described with the Moon other planets have been checked in square to AC/DC and miracoulously enough - particularly Neptune turned out to be very productive here… Statistics gave 3+: 40/19 until Saturn entered into the square… from then on the effect was equalized so to say … but sure most recently with Saturn separating again the effect is returning … so the mechanics are quite obvious… And by the way in cases of Moon or planet 90° AC/DC I allowed some wider orb of almost 2° and it still works…!
Besides Neptune its again the Virgo - Jupiter performing quite reliable when 90° AC/DC. It is 3-: 57/29 at the time, again with some confussion when Jupiter met Chiron by opposition… (So these effects have to be considered!)
Here German team HSV met FC Augsburg loosing only 0:1 this time…

4. Nodes on AC/DC:

Finally on the Nodes axis in the chart. There position 90° to AC/DC has been checked – but without clear result. The position on MC/IC was interesting and is still under research …
With the Nodes in Aries/Libra there had been a clear effect towards 3+ but than with Nodes approaching sign border/last degree the effect switched to the opposite now giving 3- in 24/8 cases… Currently now with Nodes in Virgo/Pisces there is no clear effect left…
Not so with NODES on AC/DC though – charts with this testimony clearly tend to bring low score. Overall it is 3-: 58/33 and again, also with the Nodes you can take an orb of 2°! (The example chart was for current match of AS Roma vs Lazio which came out 2- 0.)

5. POF or APOF on Angles:

POF right on the Angle...

A lot of charts were collected with POF or APOF on one of the angles – with most of them going to the dust bin… Standing out though is APOF on AC, that produced GG at a rate of 27/11! So that’s a good one. Also 3+ was slightly high here: 24/14. But again – remember, the contact HAS TO BE CLOSE! Especially if APOF is PASSED the cusp already the orb has to be below 1° even…!

6. POF on Planets:

Uranus in contrast to its position on MC brings goals in plenty if conjunct POF. I found 3+: 24/14 so far and even 4+: 18/20. Also you get red cards or other highlights more often…
In an ideal world there would only be charts like this example from Levante vs Atletico last year. With Uranus/POF right on MC it came out 2-2, although the match started at noon, so rather early in the morning…
The picture with POF and the other planets is mostly unclear. But the Sun seems to produce goal matches too, its 3+:12/6 so far… (Aspects of POF and Planets by the way should not only again be close but also APPLYING…!)

7. Some general Points:

This works for matches from all Premier leagues in Europe, but also teams worldwide were involved like from Japan, USA, Brazil… the usual suspects… International stuff, FIFA tournaments and – although with some coution… women football was involved… To round it up second league matches of the major countries like Germany, Spain, England … were included as well.
Applying astrology should not mean to forget about common sense. If you find testimony for low score in a match of Barca or Real this should still be treated with some care of course...
On Saturday at 3pm in England sees an extra long list of matches starting – and the AC will change hardly more than 2° throughout the whole country – in cases like this only use the match showing the closest testimony and ignore the rest.

Finally a word on the business of prediction in general: In applying the highest of arts to the ephemeral world of weekly football, the true depth of atrology can easily be forgotten – so once in while take a deep bow in front of your computer screen and remember the giant size of the wheels your spinning when judging an astrological chart…

Dear readers, give these result some keen testing ... and prove them wrong - or even better, confirm them with more data... and mail some feedback!

Check my other articles on this website too and feel free to email me for further discussion. T.K.