I selected this chart (horary event) to show you how outer planets can effect result.

Two days before match between Aston Villa and Portsmouth on forum I read folowing post of one member:

"Looking ahead to Saturday's match, AstonVilla-Portsmouth 12.45 GMT I think this should give a win for Villa. Asc is 20Pi49 and ruler Jupiter is at 27Sag39, conj MC, while ruler of DSC team, Mercury is at 11Sag00, detriment and combust."

Another member replied:

"I agree, the Villa win should be a safe bet, at a good price too."

After looking at the chart I left folowing post:

"I do not think so. Do you see that tight conjunction of ASC ruler with Pl? Be carefull!"

And here is why:look at chart!

First of all, lets see "who is who". Ruler of ASC is Ju in Sag, which is in relation with red and blue colour, quite appropriate for Aston Villa's sport kit, so ASC is Aston Villa and DSC is Portsmouth.

Ruler of 1st house, ruler of ASC team is Ju in his own sign, in 10th house, near MC very strong position. BUT, Pl is in tight (38') conjunction with Ju.

J.Frawley in his excellent book "Sports astrology" said that Pl has a powerfull destructive effect if it is in conjunction with the ruler, as in this case. So, this is one of the testimonies against ASC team!

Lets see ruler of DSC team, Me. Yes, Me is combust - very strong testimony against DSC team!

So we have two strong testimonies, one for each team. But which of them will be prevalent? When ever you find yourself in this situation keep this rule in mind : THE CLOSER - THE STRONGER !!

So, in this case, negative testimony for ASC team is stronger, because Pl is on only 38' from Ju, while Me is 5 degrees 02' from Su!

If we look further, we will see one more strong testimony which favours DSC team and that is Moon will square (limit 5 degrees) POF! That's why I did not think that Aston Villa will win.


After the match on the website you could read:

"Villa dominated the first half but fell behind early on when scrappy play in their penalty area led to Craig Gardner prodding the ball into his own net. (Pl conjunct Villa's ruler, its destructive effect...)

Portsmouth had not won in the top-flight at Villa Park for 52 years but they ultimately deserved to end that miserable record if only because of the brilliant goals from Muntari, who produced the two rays of sunshine on a rain-lashed afternoon.

Villa didn't deserve to be 3-0 down and they responded well, although they only had a single goal to show for their efforts and that came from the penalty spot."