Even in the great history of El Clasico, this is a match anticipated like no other. Barcelona, still considered by many to be the greatest club side on the planet, pit themselves against Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid, expensively assembled and the pretenders to Barca’s throne both domestically and in the eyes of the planet-wide public.

Barcelona versus Real Madrid, Pep Guardiola against Jose Mourinho, Lionel Messi's duel with Cristiano Ronaldo, and quite possibly a defining moment in this season's Primera Liga campaign all take place in El Clasico on Monday night, 29th Nov 2010 21:00, stadium Camp Nou.

Real Madrid currently lead La Liga by one point, having yet to experience a defeat under summer appointment Mourinho, and so Barcelona will welcome their visitors determined to end the evening with a hugely significant victory.

Will Barcelona win this match?

This is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

After looking at the chart I left the following post on the sports' section of the Skyscript Forum a few hours before the match:

The Ascendant ruler and Lord 10 represents one team; the Descendant ruler and Lord 4 (being the 10th house from the 7th) represents the other team. Who is signified by the ASC ruler and who is signified by the DSC ruler in this chart?

I use the colour method to assign rulers. Cancer is on the Ascendent, so the ruler is the Moon. John Frawley says in his book 'Sports Astrology', that when the Moon is the ruler, use its dispositor as significator for that team and leave the Moon for her aspects. Here, the Moon's dispositor is Me in Sag. Barcelona, as home team, will wear their home sports kit which is blue and red in colour. Me in Sag, indicates more than one colour, because Me is in a mutable sign, so this fits perfectly with Barca's home sports kit (two coloured, blue/red (Sag)). What is more, the numbers on Barca's kit are yellow, which also fits with Me. So, without doubt, Barcelona is the ASC team. Therefore, Real Madrid is signified by the DSC ruler.

Accidental dignities for Me= 11 for Sa= 17, not a big difference.

When it comes to the Moon's aspects, we have a square with Ma, ruler of the 10th. The Moon's antiscion is on the cusp of the 10th house (9:40Ar) - both aspects favour the ASC team! It seems that Barca will win . One more detail: Barca was founded on this day (29 November) in 1899!! So this is their time!!


After the match on the http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport website I read the following text:

"Barcelona outclass Real Madrid to go top of the table

Lionel Messi's superb display handed Real Madrid their first competitive defeat of the season and sent Barcelona top of the table after a 5-0 victory. The win ensured Barcelona leapfrogged their rivals at the top of the table as the Catalan side went two points clear."