The former England captain, David Beckham, 32, signed a five-year deal worth a reported 125 million pounds when he joined Major League Soccer side from Real Madrid.

His debut for Los Angeles Galaxy against Chelsea was planed on Saturday, 21. July 2007.

The news (BBC sport) for 17. July was:

" David Beckham's debut is in doubt because his ankle swelled up during the flight from London to Los Angeles. The England midfielder picked up an ankle knock against Estonia in June. But the injury swelled up last week, preventing Becks from a full training session with his new club on Monday in front of around 2,000 fans."

In newspaper "The Sun" you could read:

"The England midfielder could be forced to cancel debut as he is struggling with an ankle injury."

On Official LA Galaxy Home page you could read:

LA Galaxy boss Frank Yallop admitted Becks' flight from London to Los Angeles last Thursday caused his ankle to swell. "There is a possibility he will not be playing. We will not force him to play as that would be wrong."- Yallop said.

Galaxy general manager Alexei Lalas also insisted they would take no chances with an injury that also troubled Beckham in the closing weeks of his Real Madrid career. "It is a big game on Saturday, we know people want to see him play and I don't want to disappoint anybody. And ultimately David doesn't want to disappoint anybody."

Two days before debut, David Beckham is rated only 50-50 to make his LA Galaxy debut in a friendly with Chelsea on Saturday.

"Saturday's friendly against Chelsea is a 27,000 sell-out and will be broadcast live across the United States. Obviously we want to get him on the field as quickly as we can but we don't want to put him in danger of re-injuring himself," Yallop added."

As a Beckham's fan I worried if he will be able to play on Saturday and "save" La Galaxy from this unpleasant situation. I asked the question:

Will David Beckham play for LA Galaxy on Saturday?

This is the horary chart cast for the date, time and place of when I asked the question :

The first thing I noticed in this chart is that Moon is VOC! Usually that means: "there will be no change", i.e, Beckham will not play or "you have nothing to worry about", i.e. Beckham will play!! So, we must look further and see what chart want to tell! Which of these two answers chart support ?

This chart is very descriptive! Look!

Because, I am Beckham's supporter, Beckham gets the first house, as an extension of myself, and ruler Ve. His job is represented with ruler of 10th house Moon. Both rulers are in 11 house, house of team attempts! That is a good sign! That promise he will be among team! Furthermore Moon is in conjunction with most fortunate fixed star Regulus! Moon is in aspect in orb with Ve!! But Moon will make exact aspect with Ve after changeing sign! I was in dilema will this aspect counts?!

On Skyscript.co.uk forum I left the post on July 17, with my explanation of this chart and my dilema regarding that aspect in orb.

Than, one clever member of this forum, Andrew, noticed that Moon in this chart separate from Sa ! Sa in asatrology rules ankles! That detail was the key of this chart! After he noticed that, I was sure that Beckham would play! Why? Because, when we have separate aspect with Sa, that means, worst past , so David will be able to play! And I replied that he will play in second half of the match ! And here is why: Moon has to "travel" some time in Leo and after that, Moon will enter Vi and make conjunction with Ve, so I got impression that it must past "some time" before Beckham enter to play. Generaly, when you have case when rulers make aspect when one of the ruler change sign, it means that matter asked about will happen when you lose hope!


On LA Galaxy Official Home Page you could read on 22. July 2007:

"The good news for Beckham? He managed to break the ice without breaking an ankle!

Fans got their wish in the 78th minute (ruler make aspect when enter next sign=after crowd lose hope) when David Beckham made his much anticipated debut in a Galaxy uniform. Flashes lit up the stadium, and the loudest cheers of the night erupted as he entered the game. England midfielder Beckham, 32, who has been struggling with an ankle injury, got a good reception from the capacity 27,000 crowd at the Home Depot Center. " (Moon in conjunction with fixed star Regulus) .

"This is Hollywood. We know a good script," Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas told ESPN when asked about the dramatic flair of Beckham's planned entrance." (Moon in Leo, drama!)