David Beckham

Tonight, 24.Feb.2013., David Beckham made the Paris Saint-Germain squad to face arch-rival Olympique de Marseille at the Parc des Princes. The former LA Galaxy star, 37, has not featured in a competitive match since his previous club's MLS Cup victory, but is widely expected to make the substitutes bench at least, as Ancelotti grapples with Lucas' fitness issues and his widening rift with Jeremy Menez in the right-midfield position.

This will be his debut at Parc des Princes and as his fan I would like his debut to be a lucky one so I asked the question:

"Will Beckham score for PSG tonight?"

Here is the chart cast for date, place and time of when I asked the question:

Will Beckham  score for PSG tonight?

After looking at the chart, I left my prediction that Beckham will not score for PSG in the horary section of the Forum.hr one hour before the match!

The chart is very interesting!

Because I am a Beckham fan, we give Beckham the first house and its ruler Venus. To score is a 10th house matter, and here we see the ruler is the Moon. We need an applying aspect between Venus and the Moon as a testimony of scoring. And, yes, we have it, but unfortunately, it is an opposition without reception. It's a bad thing when we have an opposition without reception between the main rulers because that means the answer to the question is "No" or "maybe you will, but you will regret it". That could mean that Beckham:

1) will not score

2) will score an "own goal" (and regret it) but I could not imagine that this would happen, so I looked further into the chart. And then I spotted: Venus is in the "House of Joy"! Fine! That means he will enjoy the match so it is less likely that he will score an "own goal", but that opposition which includes his planet in the "House of Joy" could mean his skilful passing preceded his team mates' scoring!!


David Beckham enjoyed being on the bench (his ruler in the "House of Joy") until 76.min of the match and then he came off the bench to replaced Javier Pastore and play his first 15 minutes as a PSG player.

After the match, on 25. Feb 2013., on the http://www.guardian.co.uk website you could read the following:

D. Beckham

"David Beckham helps seal PSG win on debut against Marseille

David Beckham made his Paris Saint-Germain debut on Sunday night and enjoyed the perfect start as his new side secured a vital 2-0 victory in their attempt to win the Ligue 1 title. Characteristically, David Beckham had a hand in it as his delicately weighted lofted pass finds fellow substitute Jeremy Menez and his fierce low cross hits the Ibrahimovic's knee and trickles in."