(Season Finale Selling Stakes )


On September 21st of 2009, on Astrologyweekly forum I noticed the following post from a forum member with user name "Antikythera Mechanism" :

"I would like to try to predict the winner of this race at Beverley based on John Addey's method . I will cast the chart and see what I can come up with. I would be glad to have any suggestions from all of you - yes, I am new at this and love to learn."

Forum is a great place to improve your astrology skills or help others to improve their own so I decided to offer my kind help to this member. I uploaded the horary event chart for this race on the forum.

Important: the chart must be the cast using the Campanus house system!

Let us just quickly remember the John Addey's method:

Before the race starts, it is also important to look at the race card because in that card you can see the colors of jockey's kit and that can be very helpful for prediciting the winner of the race, as you will see it from my example.

Below is the race card for this race.

After looking at the chart and the race card I posted my analysis and prediction one day before the race.

From the chart we can see that the 5th house cusp is on 1Ta39 and its first aspect is with Ve on 2Vi25! Ve is female planet and Vi is female sign. My first conclusion was that the winner must be a mare (female horse).

The information about every horse running in the course can be found in the race programme, which is usually available at a point close to the entrance. Or you can use Intenet to get to know that piece of information.

Out of all the horses in this race card only Sphere,Aven ,First Hand , Flying Phoebe, Madam'X are mares, so the winner must be among them. As Ve is connected with (primary) blue and green color and since only Sphere's jockey kit is green/blue my conclusion was that Sphere will be the winner . In addition to that, we know that Ve represents round shapes and objects, which is one more reason that Sphere will be our winner!


Few minutes after the race on website you could read:

"Race in Beverley (GBR) Season Finale Selling Stakes

Finishing order:

1 Sphere (4)

2 Tropical Bachelor (5)

3 Flying Phoebe (8)

4 Madam'x (9) "