Less than seven months after lifting the UEFA Champions League trophy for the first time, Chelsea FC are on the verge of becoming the first holders to have their title defence ended in the group stage. The London club must now defeat FC Nordsjælland to retain a chance of progressing from Group E, although even that would not be enough if second-placed Juventus avoid defeat at FC Shakhtar Donetsk.

Chelsea's fans are now very worried. One of them, Elma, emailed me on 27.11.2012:


I found your page on the net and I found it very interesting. So could you answer me one thing: Will Chelsea pass group in the Champions League?

I hope you will answer me because I'm a big Chelsea fan Thank you. Bye."

She did not send the chart for her question, so I cast the horary chart   for the date, place and time of when I understood her question  and here is the chart:

After looking at the chart, I post her my answer at the same day on Whatafy.com Forum in Horary Section, 9 days before the match against FC Nordsjælland kicks off:

The team the querent supports is given the first house, as an extension of the self, in the same way that the querent would say 'we won', despite not himself playing. So, Chelsea gets 1st house ruler Venus. Their opponents in the group are represented by Mars, ruler of the 7th house. Mars is stronger - accidental dignity for Ma = +11 for Ve= +2, that means some of the opponents will pass group, not Chelsea. This testimony would be strengthened by the strong mutual reception between the ruler of the 7th house/Chelsea's opponents, Mars and ruler of the 10th house/success, Saturn. Next, we have that South Node in 1st house - when the South Node comes to visit, mark it down: you/Chelsea can’t win. Above all we have Moon VOC, another testimony that  Chelsea will not pass group.


On 5. Dec 2012. on the http://www.sportsmole.co.uk website you could read the following:

"Chelsea out of Champions League!

Holders Chelsea have been knocked out of the Champions League despite a 6-1 victory over Nordsjaelland at Stamford Bridge.

A 1-0 win for Juventus at Shakhtar Donetsk means that the Blues are the first defending champions in the competition's history to not make it through to the last 16."