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Being devoted to classical astrology I am always happy about not finding too many planets in my charts. Ideally lets say two, three or seven at the most! But then from time to time our attention is caught by Pluto for instance, which can give a decisive testimony standing right on a house cusp. Now lately Chiron got into my focus, as it stood prominent in a bunch of charts, that brought penalties about during the match.

Derived from mythology Chiron is somewhat connected with the non healing wound in the chart. Here is, where the owner is experiencing suffering. Hearing the referee blowing the whistle for a penalty is as every fan certainly knows, is quite like feeling the knife cutting into the flesh. And then you have to stand by helplessly watching the opponent score. So thinking about that, the analogy Chiron’s story is quite reasonable. So lets look at some examples!

On 11. 02. 2014 Atletico had to play their local rival Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey.

Madrid, playing in all white, was assigned to the ascendent Virgo with ruler Mercury. The chart is missing the typical strong testimony but we see Chiron close in the 7th cusp. Real won 2:0 by Ronaldo scoring two penalties in 7 and 16 minute, just around the time when Chiron was passing the descendent!

On 12. 02. 2014 in Germany DFB Pokal small Bundesliga team Hoffenheim was facing Wolfsburg in the quarterfinal match.

The chart shows the Moon void of course, so generally not much happening... But not this time. Antiscion of Mercury is on the North Node giving positive testimony for ASC team and we see Chiron even closer on the 7th cusp. Wolfsburg playing in Mercury ruled colour, white, scored twice by penalty within the first half leading to a final result of 2:3.

Reviewing earlier charts I then found an interesting match of current European star-team Bayern München. In January 2014. they played in Bundesliga versus Stuttgart. Now Munich has been without defeat in the Bundesliga for around last 45 games. But in this one they were unusually close to it. Only in 75 minute they equalized an early goal of Stuttgart, before they scored a winning hit in extra time.

Remarkably, the chart shows Chiron right on the 7th cusp of all red playing Bayern München. Stuttgart didn’t score by penalty but only going to lead, and all was quite unusual, and for the Bayern München it certainly gave that feeling of getting painfully wounded in a Chiron like kind of way...

One more example which confirms the stated ideas: on 22. Feb. 2014. Leverkusen visited Wolfsburg in the evening game of the Bundesliga.

The chart, again, has Chiron precisely on 7th cusp. Lacking further strong testimony it was clear that Leverkusen playing in dark colour dress would loose against Virgo/Me/white Wolfsburg – and so it happened. Leverkusen lost by 3:1 without really having a chance in the game and in fact this time Wolfsburg did score by penalty!

Now, taking this idea further, one could even look for Chiron’s antiscia afflicting the cusp in the typical manner – and there is examples of this indeed!

On this website I came across the match between Barcelona and AC Milan, that took place in April 2012. The result was clear cut for Barcelona with Messi scoring twice by penalty in the first half. Chiron is at 8Pi50 with its antiscia very close to the 1st cusp (22Li22)...

But I have to say there is something strange here... The antiscia of POF has also been right on the 1st cusp (21Li10) and this should be a strong testimony for Milan... Well it might even be, that Chiron as it conjuncts POF, takes the point out of play so to say...

Now, to close this chapter, lets look at a horary chart upon the question. When it comes to supporting certain players a lot people hold it with superhero Ronaldo, but I am more fond of the strange Zlatan Ibrahimovic. When the Paris Champions-League match versus Leverkusen was on recently – I asked the question: Will Ibrahimovic score?

I got a remarkable chart with Moon L1 and Jupiter L10 conjuncting the ascendent from both sides. But the aspect was separating already and I didn’t really know what to judge.

The match ended with PSG winning 4:0 and Ibrahimovic scored twice! I turned to Gordana, the author of this website, and she came up with the explanation of the quote from Christian Astrology:

"When the significators have no Aspect to each other, or when it seems very doubtful what is promised by square or opposition of the significators, yet if mutual reception happen betwixt the principal significators, the thing is brought to passe, and that without any great trouble, and suddenly to the content of both parties."

To the content of myself certainly was to find Chiron just in the 10th cusp, since one of Ibrahimovic’s goal was a P E N A L T Y . . .

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