Cleverson Gabriel Cordova, better known as Cleo, is hot property after an excellent season and a half in Belgrade.

The 25-year-old Brazilian-born striker was playing in Portugal's fourth division when he was spotted by Partizan's arch-rivals Red Star Belgrade in the summer of 2008. A year later he moved across town to Partizan and hasn't looked back. In 67 appearances since joining Partizan Cleo has scored a remarkable 41 goals, and he ranks as this season's (2010) top scorer in the Champions League - though his tally of nine goals includes eight scored in the qualifying rounds.

Cleo's goalscoring form has put a number of clubs on high alert. In recent weeks Trabzonspor, Shakhtar Donetsk, Liverpool, Genoa and Lazio have all allready expressed an interest in the striker.

As a huge fan of Cleo (and Partizan) I would not like Cleo leave Partizan. So, I am worry and ask question:

Will Cleo leave FC Partizan?

DECEMBER 2010...

Cleo has settled superbly in what can sometimes be a difficult place for foreigners to adapt. Indeed, such has been the bond formed between player and club that Cleo was recently granted Serbian citizenship - one step towards the player potentially turning out for Serbia's national side.

Today Cleo told Serbian reporters: "For the moment I haven't received any concrete offers. There are various people who are talking about interest from some clubs but there's nothing on paper. If there is a bid which satisfies both Partizan and myself, then I would go."

Here is the horary chart cast for date, place and time of when I asked the question .

I posted my analysis of this chart on "Horarna Astrologija - pitaj konkretno" forum on December 18th 2010:

Cleo is given the first house on the basis of the supporter's identification with him; so Cleo's main significator is Mercury retrograde in critical degree. We know that 0-1 Degrees of Capricorn is extremely critical degree in predictive astrology; always a jump start, so as to speak. What has begun, may or may not last. Cardinal sign indicate strong beginnings, but lack the stability of the fixed signs or the adaptablity of the mutable signs.

His ruler rx tell us that he would like to stay in Partizan, because rx ruler means "holding back" not advance. Cleo admits that it would be a wrench to leave Serbia. "I will miss Belgrade a lot," he said when further asked about a possible transfer. "I've never been anywhere as good as at the 'black and whites' , and there's much here that I'll never forget."(Cleo has been voted best Partizan's player of 2010 at traditional club's official website poll.) With retrograde ruler things do not go as you wish but 'going the wrong way'. What looked good during the retrograde period will have a serious flaw once Mercury goes direct. (This worries me a lot.)

His present job is signified with 10th house ruler, Saturn in Li - interesting in 5 house which is associated with sport! One more interesting detail is that Sa in Li is connected with black/white color combination, colors of Partizan's home sport kit! Next, Sa is in exaltation, quite fits with Partizan standings: Partizan is at the 1st place of "Jelen Super Liga Srbije"!!

We see Me rx is in Sa sign, clear testimony that Cleo likes Partizan and his job! But Sa is in no dignity of Me rx - this is a clear testimony that Partizan is not at all interested in Cleo, so if they get some offer which satisfies them thay will sell him!

Cleo's next job is signified with ruler of next sign in 10th house, here it is Ju in Pi. Me rx (Cleo) is only in Ju's face, that means Cleo will not like his new job/club a lot. With Ju in Pi that might be some club with red/white color combination of sport kit, or blue/white combination or even green color of sport kit.

To my great sadness, Moon will sextile Ju, that means Cleo will leave Partizan !!

We see sextile will perfect for 1į58', and because Moon is in fixed sign we can expect that Cleo will leave in about two months (18th Feb.)!!

FEBRUARY 2011...

On 19/02/2011, in sport section of daily newspaper "Alo"(Belgrade) you could read:

"Chinese football club Guangzhou Evergrande deposite on the Partizanís account compensation!

Although there were stories that the transfer could be stopped because of administrative problems (due to the complexity of the political system in China, the entanglement of state authority and the centralized economy, it is necessary to obtain several permits in order to take the money out of the country), Guangzhou's leaders deposited yesterday (18/02/2011) on the Partizanís account compensation of 3.2 million Euros, so the job is now completed, i.e. Cleo is no longer a Partizanís player."

Note : The color of Guangzhou's home sport kit is red/white (Ju in Pi!)