The hosts and the holders will collide in an enchanting semi-final at Ellis Park. South Africa claim they have nothing to lose; Brazil, the five-time world champions, evidently do.

To see who will be winner I cast the event chart for this match:

As you know, I use the colour method to asign the ASC ruler and the DSC ruler to the teams.

South Africa will play in a dark green sports kit, which is quite appropriate for the ruler of ASC, Sa, so, South Africa is signfied by the ASC ruler, and Brazil will play in yellow sports kit, and that is quite appropriate for the DSC ruler, which is the Su, so Brazil in this chart is represented by the DSC ruler.

Accidental dignities for Sa=7 and for the Su=1; this is not a great deal of difference so we must consider the essential dignities and we find that these for the Su=0 and for Sa= - 5. When accidental dignities are more or less equal, than essential dignity can be crucial.

Taking essential dignity into account we see that the DSC team has the advantage. Moreover, the Moon is right on the DSC. You know that rule: When the Moon is near DSC or IC (orb 3 degrees) the DSC team will win. But you must have some more testimonies just to be sure. Here, the Moon is in mutual reception with the Su, ruler of the DSC, so yet another advantage for the DSC team!

The ruler of the IC indicates success and goals for DSC team. This is Ve in its own sign and "own" house, house of success for the DSC team, so one more advantage for the DSC team. By contrast, Ma, ruler of 10th house, which shows success and goals for ASC team, is in its detriment, in the 4th house, the opponent's house of success, ruled by Ve, so the ASC team's success is in the power of the DSC team. The Moon will square Ve, ruler of 4 house. This is the Moon's last aspect within 5 degrees, which shows a further advantage for the DSC team (but I have noticed that this testimony does not always work!). Taking all these testimonies into account in my analysis of the chart, I left my prediction on Livejournal Astrology Communitu that the DSC team, Brazil would win .


After the match, on website I read following text:

" Brazil edged South Africa 1- 0 in a very tight semi-final thanks to Daniel Alves's brilliant late free-kick. The Barcelona wing-back only entered the fray in the latter stages, but his 88th-minute rocket finally undid goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune."