The Croatian First Football League is also known as the Prva HNL or 1. HNL and is the top professional football league in Croatia. There are 10 Croatian Football clubs that participate in the 1. HNL. The league was founded in 1991. The most successful football club in the 1. HNL is Dinamo Zagreb.

On March 22th 2016. in the Horary astrology section of the "Forum.hr" forum I saw this post from the member, "ivanstalker", a huge fan of Dinamo Zagreb:

Hello, I have a sports question, so if someone is willing to answer ... thank you. After many years we have a tense season finale in 1. HNL football league where Dinamo and Rijeka will fight for the title. The winner will definitely be known in the next 2 months. My question is:

Will Dinamo defend the league title in 2016?

Here is the chart cast for the date, place and time of when "ivanstalker" asked the question:

After looking at the chart, I left my prediction at the same day that Dinamo will defend the title !

First of all, the Moon is VOC, that means there will not be any major change in the situation, so at the very start we got a YES answer! But let see what the chart tells more!

The querent strongly identifies with his team, so the Dinamo gets Lord 1, Mercury. Other teams are represented with a 7th house ruler, Jupiter. As we can see, Jupiter is in the 1st house in Mercury's sign and exaltation! A planet in a house is controlled by that house! And because Jupiter/others teams exalts Mercury/Dinamo that means other teams think that Dinamo is the much better team, but with that attitude it is more likely that other teams will not win!

So, I think Dinamo will defend the title!


On 15. May 2016. on the http://gnkdinamo.hr website you could read the following:

"We are really happy about this 11th consecutive title, it is an incredible feeling! This was a tough season for us, but the team put a lot of effort in their job and this is the best proof. We are so proud - said head coach Zoran Mamic. "