Two days before the football match between Everton and Manchester United , I read the following post by a forum member of the Astrologers' Community:

Everton-Man Utd, 25 Oct. 2008, 12h Liverpool

Ill try to apply the colour method, and I give the ASC to Man Utd (because of Sag ASC a sort of red and DSC in Gem- a sort of blue plus Mercury in Libra, blue too correct me if Im wrong, I still dont know how to manage well this techique). I think the sextile Mars-Jupiter is good for ASC team and the position of Saturn too (the Lord of Jupiter, by sign). DSC is surprising: POF conjunct Sun in house 11 (house 5 for DSC) and Mercury conj MC (from house 9). Overall, Jupiter by accidental dignity is stronger than Mercury, so I think ASC has a little advantage."

Interestingly, he spotted the important details, but came to the wrong conclusion! I immediately posted a reply, and made some comments, which I will present here:

Yes, the forum member was right to assign the ASC ruler to Manchester United: because of their red/black sport kit, this was quite appropriate, especially with its ruler, Ju, in Cap.

He also pointed out that: "Me conjunct MC, from 9 house..." When a planet is on the cusp of a particular house, it controls that house. So here, in this chart, that means that the DSC team, Everton, controls the ASC's team's ability to score. Therefore, this is one of the testimonies against the ASC team winning!

In addition, he said: "POF is conjunct the Sun...", but he did not notice that the POF is Combust! That is one more testimony against the ASC team!

Above all, the Moon is VOC. As we know, when the Moon is VOC, we can expect a draw or that the favourite team (Manchester United) will win! But with 2 strong testimonies for the DSC team, I predicted in my reply, that the result would be a draw !


After the match you could read on the http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com site:

"Everton fight back to hold United

Everton battled from a goal down to secure a 1-1 draw against Manchester United at Goodison Park. Darren Fletcher's well-taken goal had given the visiting champions the lead at half-time, but Marouane Fellaini's second-half header earned the home side a share of the points."