Chelsea vs Man United


Manchester United and Chelsea, the Premiership top two, go head-to-head on Saturday (19.May 2007.) in first FA Cup final at the new Wembley.

The only time the two sides have contested a Wembley final was the FA Cup final of 1994 which United ended up winning 4-0, thanks to two Eric Cantona penalties and goals from Mark Hughes and Brian McClair.

The Londoners had twice beaten Sir Alex Ferguson's side in the league - and on both occasions Gavin Peacock scored the winner.

Sir Alex Ferguson's side had already clinched the Premiership in style and were determined to seal the double.

So, who will win ? Let see what event chart for this final match has to tell!

On 14. May 2007., on Skyscript forum I left the post in which I predicted Chelsea will win .

Those who apply “favorite method” (favorite team put on ASC) this time don’t know what to do, because, although a few bookies went for Man United, the majority were still 50/50. But, for me that was not problem, because I work with “color method”.

As you can see, here we have Vi ASC. Vi is in connection with blue color, so ASC represents Chelsea.

Ruler of DSC is Ju (blue, red) but because of Ma (red) in their 1st house I assigned DSC to MU.

Ruler of ASC is Me in his own sign in cadent house.

Ruler of DSC Ju is in its own sign but retrograde in cadent house too.

Accidental dignities: Ju= 5 Me= 15

That is on the "edge" (from my practice difference until 10 still may mean draw), but I gave advantage to Chelsea (to win Cup) because their ruler is direct, and because of very strong Moon (in its own sign) and benefic Ve in angular 10th house, house of fame for ASC team. Furthermore, Pluto is only a degree and 26' from IC - a powerful testimony of DSC team losing.

And because of fact that here we have angles in mutable signs, rulers in mutable signs too (keep on mind one is retrograde), and because Moon is in cardinal sign, I predict that match will go to extra time, but not penalties (if angles, rulers and Moon would be in fixed signs we could expect penalties).


On May 19th, on the website I read following text:

"A Didier Drogba goal late in extra time (116min) was enough to secure victory for Chelsea over Manchester United in the first FA Cup final at the new Wembley."