World number one Roger Federer will take on Novak Djokovic in the last four of the Monte Carlo Masters Saturday, April 26, 2008.

Federer got off to a shaky start in Monte Carlo, first tested by qualifier Hidalgo in his opening match. But then Federer went on to regain his form against Gael Monfils in the R16 and beat arch rival David Nalbandian in the quarterfinals. Federer has an opportunity here to avenge his Australian Open loss to Djokovic. Don't be fooled by his stoic and quiet on court manners, Federer cares and there is nothing he would love better than to avenge that loss.

There is no question Djokovic had Federer's number in Melbourne, but will he have it again on Saturday? Throughout the tournament, Djokovic ( Nadal as well) has not dropped a set, and advances into the final four on the heels of impressive victories. He defeated Ljubicic 6-3, 6-3, before going on to hold his next two opponents-Murray and Querrey-at love in one set each.

In the past Federer-Djokovic matches have been billed as the master against the young pretender. Not any more. Djokovic is now a serious rival, in the past 12 months he established himself as probably the main contender for the world no 1 spot, with the ability to challenge Federer for the big titles on all surfaces, unlike Rafael Nadal.

The match was scheduled to start sometime after 13.30, after the Davydenko vs Nadal match. So we had to wait until that match had finished before the Federer vs Djokovic match could start.

The match started at 15.48 on Saturday, 26 April 2008. I immediately cast the event chart for this match, because Djokovic is from my country (Serbia), so I wanted to know if he would beat Federer.

Here is the event chart of the match:

So, although I wanted Djokovic to win this tennis match, let's see what the chart says!

The match is on neutral ground (Monaco) so the question is: who is represented by the ASC ruler and who is represented by the DSC ruler? Interestingly, the ASC is Vi, and so because Switzerland is ruled by Virgo, no doubt the ASC ruler represents Roger Federer!!

Federer's ruler, Me, is fast and is in conjunction with the POF! What a start! When the ruler of the 1st conjuncts the POF, that is strong testimony that the player represented by that planet will win! As in the case of a football match, we look for the Moon's applying aspects (orb of 5 degrees) to the rulers of the 1st, 10th, 7th and 4th houses. Here, we find only one, and that is a trine with the ruler of the 1st and 10th houses! So now we have two testimonies for Federer!

Djokovic's ruler, Jupiter is slow (this is a negative testimony). Moreover, the Moon does not aspect Jupiter, and neither does Jupiter aspect the POF, and that Ur in the 7th house may indicate some sort of a surprise as the natural ruler of separation, perhaps some sort of break in the match!

According to the testimonies, then, Federer will win (unfortunately for me!) .


What happened? DJOKOVIC GAVE FEDERER THE MATCH!!! ( Ur in 7 house : Djokovic terminated match...)

On the site news/.bbc.co.uk you could read:

"Roger Federer will meet Rafael Nadal in the Monte Carlo Masters final after Novak Djokovic withdrew from their semi-final clash. The world number one was leading 6-3 3-2 before the Serbian retired after complaining of feeling dizzy." (This is interesting because we know that, in medical astrology, Ur signifies brain activity!)