This year Istanbul hosts the last ever UEFA Cup final with, Shakhtar and Werder both gunning for European glory...

Shakhtar Donetsk became the first Ukraine team to reach the Uefa Cup final. Despite their inexperience at this stage of the competition the eastern Europeans certainly possess plenty of attacking flair and more than enough quality in their squad to worry the Germans. Donetsk will also be boosted by the fact that they are currently on an excellent run of form.

Who will be the winner this year?

Below is the event horary chart for Final UEFA CUP match on 20 May 2009 21:45 - Istanbul - Turkey:

On 20 May 2009, at around noon, I posted on Livejournal Astrology Community my prediction that Shakhtar Donetsk would win the match.

As you know, I use the colour method for asigning teams to the ASC or DSC rulers. In this chart, the ASC is Sag and its ruler, Ju, has connections with red/orange colours, so I would assign the ASC ruler to Shakhtar Donetsk, because their sports kit is red/orange/black.

The DSC ruler is Ge with its ruler, Me, in Ta and this has connections with light colours, in this case white (Me) and green (Ta) and that are the colours of Bremen's sports kit.

The Accidental dignities for Ju=12 and for Me rx= -16. Me rx, ruler of Bremen is combust and conjunct the unfortunate fixed star Algol in the unfortunate 6th house.

The Moon so close to the IC would usually indicate a win for the team signified by the DSC ruler, but in this case it would surely not be the case, because of that combust Me and so much difference in Accidental dignities. Also, if we look at the Moon's aspects within the next 5 degrees (according to J.Frawley) we find one and that is a conjunction with Ve, ruler of 10th house, the house of success for the team signified by the ASC ruler, and also the dispositor of POF. My prediction, therefore, was that Shakhtar would win .


On May 21th, on website I read following text:

"Shakhtar Donetsk have become the first Ukrainian team to win the UEFA Cup by beating Werder Bremen after extra-time in Istanbul this evening. In the last ever UEFA Cup final, the two sides could not be split over 90 minutes and Rodrigues Jadson was the late hero for Shakhtar as he grabbed the winner in extra-time. "