Serbia will have a nice chance to back up the promising start of the new WC Qualification campaign with yet another victory which could see them overtaking Republic of Ireland at the top of the group D standings.

The Eagles will travel to Tbilisi to take on one of the weakest sides in the group on Friday evening. Interestingly, the two sides have never previously met each other.

Who will win this match?

Here is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

After looking at the chart, I post this my prediction 2 days before the match on the "HoroscopeChat" Forum in the Horary section.

Personally, I prefer the colour method, I attribute ASC or DSC depending on the colours. So far this method proved to be most reliable.

Using the colour method, I attributed Georgia to ASC because their home kit is white which fits with ruler Venus. So, DSC and its ruler Mars, represent Serbia. As Serbian away kit is also white they must wear home kit which is all red color (in order to allow viewers to easily recognise who’s who on the playing field).

At first sight, we see Mars is in an angular house, while Venus is in cadent house which is negative testimony for ASC team. Next, Venus is Combust, just one degree of the Sun and applying to it! The worst possible start! It is always an evil testimony! All Venus's power is destroyed and there is no hope of winning. Also, if we look accidental dignities Ve= -15 Ma=+8, again one negative testimony for ASC team.

Next we look at Moon's aspects within 5 degrees. Generally, it is the last Moon's aspect over this range, which gives the indication of victory, though conjunctions and aspects to either POF or her antiscion often give a cutoff point: thus far and no further.

So, what we have here? We have no important Moon's aspects within 5 degrees (because they are not to the rulers of the 1st,10th, 7th or 4th houses). But, Mars, ruler of the Serbia, goes to trine POF! This is the strong testimony which favours DSC team, so, my prediction is that Serbia will win!


On 24. March. 2017. on the website you could read the following:

"Serbia battle back to end any hopes of Georgia shock and go top of Group D

Georgia took a shock early lead but Serbia came from behind to win 3-1, and go top of the table. The result comes as Serbia’s third win of the qualifiers so far and they remain unbeaten after drawing their other two fixtures with Ireland and Wales."