Minnesota Wild


Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens seek consolation as they host Minnesota Wild. Considering the recent performance, it would not come to anyone’s surprise to see Montreal Canadiens placed at the bottom of National Hockey League (NHL) Eastern Conference. Their playoff hopes are crushed, but they still have the ability and opportunity to destroy the chances of other teams.

On the other hand, Minnesota Wild too are not looking very good. They still can reach the comfort zone in the Western Conference, but some failures from them coupled with triumphs of other teams have made this task difficult.

Both these teams are going to face each other on Thursday, March 1, 2012, at Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Who will win?

Here is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

Minnesota Wild  vs  Montreal Canadiens

After looking at the chart, I left my prediction, that the Montreal Canadiens would win, in the Horary section of the HoroscopesChat Forum one day before the match!

NHL games are quite reliable in starting at 8 minutes ±1 minute after the nominal start time.The length of the game is about 2:20h. I would use the sames rules as those used for football matches with extra time so we would therefore look for the Moon's aspect within the next 6 degrees.

First, as usual, we must determine who is represented by the ASC ruler and who is represented by the DSC ruler. The Ascendant ruler and Lord 10 (success of the ASC team) represents one team; the Descendant ruler and Lord 4 (being the 10th house from the 7th) represents the other team and their success.

I use the colour method to assign rulers. By colour method I would assign the Montreal Canadians to the DSC ruler because they, as the home team, would wear their home sports kit which is red in colour: this fits perfectly with their ruler, Jupiter.

The away team, Minnesota Wild will wear their away sports kit which is white, so they are represented with ruler of the ASC, Mercury. We see Mercury is on the last degree and, moreover, is in conjunction with the unfortunate fixed star "Scheat" which is a sign of extreme misfortune. Next, we see Mercury just inside the 7th house (it is important that Mercury is in the same sign as the 7th house cusp). A planet inside a cusp (less the 2°) is controlled by that house. This is strong testimony that DSC team, Montreal Canadiens will win.

If we look for the Moon's aspects within the next 6 degrees we see that there is only one: a sextile with Jupiter's antiscion (22Leo47) which again favours DSC team, the Montreal Canadians.


On 2. Mar. 2012. on the http://www.nhl.com website you could read the following:

Montreal Canadiens

"Montreal Canadiens 5 :4 Minnesota Wild

The Montreal Canadiens won a surprisingly intense game 5-4 in a shootout against the Minnesota Wild despite blowing a three-goal lead with fewer than four minutes to play in regulation time."