On 2nd March , 2006., I left the following post at "Sports Astrology Forum":

"Thankfully to my young friend Draco from UK I was able to read Frawley's article form his "Horary textbook" about sports and contests.

Here is what Frawley said:("Seventh House Questions" chapter "Sports and Contests")

Consider Lords 1 and 7. Which is the stronger? The major accidental dignities are much more important than essential dignity in these questions. Essential dignity might tell us who deserves to win; accidental dignity tells us who does win.

I did not know this until today! So, now, I am ready to experiment! The return match Arsenal and Real are near so letís see if this is true!

This is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

In this experiment I will use Lillyís table for Accidental Dignities and Accidental Debilities.

Arsenal is represented with ruler of the ASC (home team) and Real is represented with ruler of the DSC (visiting team) .

Accidental Dignities: Arsenal = 9 Real Madrid = 11

Although I do this for the first time, I think this is small difference, so from this, we may say it will be tie .

This was a simple maths, and if this shows that it is true I got feelling that this will be my favorite method for predicting winner. It is much easier than look for triplicity, term, face, antiscia and so on.

I look at birth data for coaches for both team, and both has positive transit Moon upon natal Moon and that is indicator of good mood. And coaches are in good mood when his team do not loose game :-). Another sign that it will be tie.

ASC in Libra is in conjunct with fixed star Windemiatrix (something to cry about). I think this match will have so to speak "sad note". First association when you say "Libra" is Justice. So, I think in this match arbiter will be in spotlight! When he is in spotlight? When only he "see" penalty and another does not, or when he "delete" obvious goal. I told this because of the Ne presents in 4 house, house of honor and fame for DSC team. So, one of the Realís goal may be "problematic".

Arsenal has dark-red (purple) sports gear and by Manly P.Hall (Zodiacal Colors) Libra on ASC with ruler in Aqu fits for Arsenal.

Mars, ruler of Real is in conjunct with Aldebaran fixed star, so there is danger of violence or catastrophe by weather conditions.

Our TV will broadcast this match live so I will watch it for sure!


After the match on the UEFA website I read following teks:

"Arsenal FC secured their place in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals for the third time when they survived an examination of their credentials by Real Madrid CF in a tense, but hugely entertaining, goalless draw at Highbury." (Cardinal signs in angles, with Moon in Can) ."

"Heavy rain gave way to a slight drizzle at the start when, from their own kick-off, Madrid began an intense spell of possession football - using the full dimensions of the narrow Highbury pitch to express their attacking mood." (Ruler of Real, Ma, in conjucnt with fixed star Aldebaran) ."

(This was the last Arsenalís match on Highbury stadium (Windemiatrix). Next matshes Arsenal will play on new, modern stadium.)