On January 25th, 2006., Tim left the following post at "Lees Forum":

"If anyone would like to take a stab at predicting the outcome of this upcoming SuperBowl game by using Astrology and/or Numerology, here is the info I got off the net: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle Seahawks (Steelers are considered the Home Team) at Detroit, Michigan, Sunday Feb. 5 at 6:22 pm, Eastern Standard Time. If possible, try to determine the winner by how many points."

And this is what the moderator of this forum, Mrs. Patricia, answered:

"I've heard a couple different methods, and have my own suspicions of which is better, but will let folks on the list try them both, and then we can see what happens. The two methods are these.

1) The home team is the ASC and the visiting team is the DSC.

2) The favorite to win is the ASC and the underdog is the DSC.

Now since we don't have a hometeam, that should make it easy, right? ;-) Steelers the favorite ..."

This is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

The first thing you can notice in this chart is that Moon is VOC. Therefore, favorite wins! But let us see if other signs in the chart supports this! Moon is in the sign of exaltation, i.e.Taurus, and in it's own triplicity, in 10th house! In fact, Moon is is the strongest planet in this chart (Planets' strength - Moon=12). Moon is the most important planet in horary astrology and therefore its placement in a chart emphasizes the house in which she is. It is the house of honour and the ability to win the game for the ASC team! That is a "+" for the ASC team!

Now, we have to choose which team will be represented by ASC. This final match will be held on neutral stadium (in Detroit) and therefore we have to look for a colour which is suitable for the ASC sign. The sign of Leo is on ASC. Zodiacal colours for Leo are: gold, orange, yellow, bright red. And Steelers have yellow sports gear! Therefore, ASC represents the Steelers!

The ruler of the 10th house, Ve at 16Cap09 is in conjuct with a very fortunate fixed star Vega. The ruler of the 4th house, i.e the house of honour and the ability to win the game for the DSC team, is Ma at 24Ta17 and it is in conjuction with most unfortunate fixed star Algol! This is another "+" sign for the Steelers!

The ruler of 10th house (honour) Ve, is in applaying aspect (sextile) with Ju, which rules the 5th house(game) for the ASC team.

The ruler of 11th house, (the game for DSC team), Me is in separating aspect (square) with Ma, the ruler of 4th house (10th house, honour for the DSC team).

POF is on cusp of MC, under 1 degrees, very powerfull position!That is a "+" for the ASC team again!

All in all, there are several signs which tell us, that in this chart the ASC team has better chances to win! So, on January 27th, I left the following post at "Lees Forum":

In this chart Moon is VOC, so nothing new will happen. Steelers are the favorite, thay will win again.


On February 6th, on website I read following text:

"The Pittsburgh Steelers won their record-tying fifth Super Bowl championship with a 21-10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks last night."

Do you still remember that the ruler of the 4th in this chart (honour for the Seahawks)is in conjuct with most unfortunate fixed star Algol? Here is how Kevin Hench described the match on same website -

"Super Bowl XL was the perfect storm for stormy Seattle. The Seahawks moved the ball better than the Steelers. They kept the ball longer than the Steelers. They held onto the ball more securely than the Steelers. They had six more first downs than the Steelers (20-14), a feat surpassed only twice by losing teams in SB history. And yet the Seahawks lost."