One safe way to learn and practice horary astrology is to join an astrology forum participant's list. Therefore, I kindly suggest that you should join the "Astrology Weekly Forum" where I often present my posts. Below is the example of a post that I have learned a lot from and therefore I would like to share it with you again.

On April 21st, 2005., I left the following post:

"There will be a football match on Saturday (April 23rd, 2005, at 5pm, Beograd, Srbija) between "C.Zvezda" and "Partizan". These two teams are in the very top of the national league's table: "Partizan" currently holds the first place and "C.Zvezda" is the second on the score table. The match will be played on "C.Zvezda" football stadium.

Who shall win: "C.Zvezda" or "Partizan"?

This is the horary chart cast for the date, time and place of when I asked the question :

The first thing you can notice in this chart is VOC Moon. Does it mean that there will no be winner in this match? Has anyone had practical experience with similar charts? - I asked in my post.

And this is what the moderator of this forum, Mr. Radu Moisoiu, a Romanian astrologer, answered:

"I think that this question has not been asked properly. It is much more easier to discern the right answer from a horary chart when it is phrased like this: "Will this team win the game ?" Such a question implies a closer identification with that particular team, and you are therefore more involved in the question itself which makes the answer far more obvious. (Are you a fan of any of these teams ? Did you maybe bet on one of them ?)

Ok, enough criticism, let's us concentrate on the chart...

Moon is VOC. Normally, the VOC Moon denies a positive answer. But is there a positive answer in this case ? Or the Moon here may just indicate a lack of focus and motivation to ask this question?

The first team, "C.Zvezda" is represented in the 5th house (and its ruler Jupiter). The second one, "Partizan", by the 11th. (the ruler is Mercury). Jupiter and Mercury are in mutual reception by triplicity. Jupiter has a little advantage over Mercury - it is not peregrine, it is in its own term, while Mercury is peregrine. That's why "C.Zvezda" will be a little bit more focused on the game than "Partizan". Jupiter disposes Mercury by term (or receives Mercury in its term). This refers to the fact that "C.Zvezda" is playing on its own stadium, in front of all its supporters - which is, of course, another advantage. But Jupiter is retrograde. Does this mean, that "C.Zvezda" will not be able to use the above mentioned advantages ? Possibly.

And there is still that VOC Moon. How about a draw then ?"


Match ended as draw 1:1!! Here is Mr.Raduís post after the match:

"So, "C.Zvezda" scored first - min.13 (Jupiter stronger than Mercury), but they could not maintain this advantage (Jupiter retrograde) and Partizan stroke back - min.25. Nice."

Than, my reply:

"I still thinking about that VOC Moon. They say that VOC Moon tells us that there will be no change in the situation. Maybe we can perceive this Moon as "so there will be no new differences in score between these two teams on the score table". Therefore, that VOC Moon actually supported your explanation of the chart!"

And Mr.Raduís last post concerning this horary question was:

"Something like that. Remember, you asked "Who shall win?". By that, you had already presumed that one of the teams would eventually win. However, the VOC Moon denied that. So in the end of the game, nobody won, the match ended in a tie".