Author: Jeff Degener

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This is about how I predicted the Final result of the winner in the Breeder's Cup Classic.

Based on so many aspects of what you can see astrologically and the basic generalized method developed by astrologer John Addey will go as follows:

1.Cast the cart for the event

2. With all the planets "still" move the 5th House cusp until it aspects the first planet.

I studied many charts based on this theory and I know that the direction as to where the house cusp should be directed is personally under debate within my decision of finding the first planet that indicates the winning horse. Note: Based on the information and inspiration from John Frawley's book "Sports Astrology" and his explanation as to what his finding are.

There are other factors that we are aware of. In astrology there is a planetary rule ships that "identifies" what each planet or sign has a descriptive side. So there is two things that I find very challenging and sometimes time consuming. If you have a horse race that will be presented and you do your work with chart interpretation based on planetary color with the zodiacal signs. These are the things you have to consider:

1. Color of the jockey uniforms to match the planet in question.

2. What's the horses name to match the planet in question.

3. The elements that are identified in a House.

4. House ruler ships.

5. Accidental points in the chart in question.

6. The Race Card which shows the jockey uniform colors.

To myself when you have a list of so many participants that make up a race this can be very interesting. There is the Antiscia of the planet that can be useful and in the case of the race which I judged came in handy.

Here is the chart for race “The Breeder's Cup” on Nov, 7. 2009. Note: Housing System: Campanus.

Any one can always pinpoint the planet in question but just as someone new to this at the time. Lots of experimenting and time went forth to figuring out if a horse can be predicted to win a race and there are may successes on my part as an astrologer.

So I cast the chart and then find that the first planet to make an aspect is with Uranus Antiscia from the time I moved the pointer arrow (anticlockwise) which acts like the 5th House cusp. So basically Uranus is about Change and Suddenness- this is a few facets of what Uranus "rules".

In the race remarkably there is Zenyatta the only filly in the race!

Uranus also rules "feminism".

Uranus is in the 12th House of large animals- Horses.

Pisces is one of the signs that is feminine in nature.

The Antiscia for Uranus is at 07Libra03. Libra is just another clue for the nature of a feminine sign because Venus is the planetary ruler for Libra.

The Anticcia for Venus is calculated to be on the cusp of Pisces.

A Horse of a different Astrological Color

So we look at the race card for the race.

Zenyatta's rider with the jockey silks are Pink and Light sky blues- almost turquoise as you can see on pic. The combination between a pink and turquoise gives it a feel of exciting color combination.

Uranus: Electric tones, light azure = a light shade of blue azure cerulean sapphire lazuline sky-blue.

Mercury is yellow and the reason for Mercury to be a part of

Zenyatta is that you will notice the color of the cloth used to display the number "4" is yellow.

Pisces: Aquamarine from: turquoise, and green.

What's In a Name Astrologically?

Along with the color schemes brought to my attention by Goca and investigated further, there is something I always love to research and that is name associations of the Horses to the associations to the planets and zodiac signs!

In the case of Zenyatta, there is always the curiosity as to why this horse was named for what she is named by.

For instance I broke this name down for complete analysis.


"Zen" (religion) A denomination of Buddhism.

Mercury and Saturn rules Buddha.

Mercury is yellow in color and the Antiscia of Uranus is 07Libra03 close where Saturn is originally located on the chart at 00Libra58.

"yatta" refers to a Japanese exclamation meaning "it's done!", "I did it!", "ready!" or "all right!" These are ALL in reference to action- suddenness!

In the video of the race during the time this race, horse Zenyatta is one of the best race horses that I know up to this day. If you watched the video you saw the extreme suddenness and revolution that Uranus is (from last one to the 1st!!).

About my Video

I made this video as to show what the astrological influences are however I did not put any references to name associations and other things that would give some insight as to what the conclusion is to the winner of the race of the Breeder's Cup. I decided to have for the whole video- the Music of Superman because when I watched the original race- I heard the announcer said- that "Zenyatta has allot...allot of ground to make up if Zenyatta wins this she would be regarded as a "Super Horse" Indeed she is!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to e-mail me.