On match day, about noon, I noticed the following post by "Banefranco", a forum member of the Astrologers' Community:

"I predict DSC team WINS. Why? Ruler of the 1st house deep inside the 7th. Frawley says: "If the ruler of the 1st is inside the enemy's 7 th house and close to the cusp DSC team wins". I say: "If the ruler of the 1st house is deep inside the 7th house DSC team WINS (Long time in the enemies castle cannot hide, cannot escape.) End of prediction. "

He attached event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

What a chart!! When I saw it , I wished I was one of Kaiserslautern's players :-))!! As soon as I saw the chart, I could see that there was no doubt that the DSC team would win. So I immediately replied that I agreed with him!

Kaiserslautern has a red sports kit and is represented with the DSC ruler, Ma in the sign of Sco (red). Ma is so powerful, placed right on the DSC and in its own sign! Next, the ruler of the IC, the Moon, is also right on the DSC! You will rarely see a chart so clear as this one, but, as we can see, it happens!

Osnabruck is represent with the ASC and its ruler, Ve which is, as "Banefranco" said, deep inside the 7th house, so accidently, Ma is much better placed. Next, the Moon will conjunct Ma, the ruler of the DSC team, (within 5 degrees) and that is "the end of the story": you do not have to look futher, because this is a sure sign that, in this case, the DSC team will win !


After the match you could read on http://www.bundesliga.de site:

"Kaiserslautern are back on top of the 2. Bundesliga after making it five home wins out of five thanks to a brace from second half substitute Dragan Paljic. With the game still scoreless entering its final phase, Kaiserslautern's coach Milan Sasic brought on Paljic, and within seconds of taking to the pitch he broke the deadlock (67.). Three minutes from the end, the same player bagged a second to make it absolutely safe for the "Red Devils"."