How do we predict who will win a horse race? Many people place a bet simply by choosing a name that they like or by which jockey's colours appeal to them the most! But by using a few astrological techniques, we can predict the winner with greater accuracy!

Information about every horse running at the course can be found in the race programme, which is usually available from a point close to the entrance. For this particular race, it will look similar to the table below:

No. Horse Age Wgt Jockey
1. Primus Inter Pares
b g
7 11-12 W. Renwick
2. Northern Quest
ch g
7 11- 7 P. Kinsella
3. Divex
b g
7 11- 5 B. Keniry
4. Cheer Us On
b g
6 11- 0 D. O. Regan
5. Ton-Chee
b g
9 11- 0 T. Dobbin
6. Royal Glen
b m
10 10- 13 P. Aspell
7. Field Roller
ch g
8 10- 12 T. Murphy
8. Great Jane
b m
6 10- 10 M. Bradburne
9. Fencote Gold
ch g
8 10- 2 T. Siddall

There are several methods for picking the winner astrologically. On this occasion, I used John Addey's system:

Here is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the race was to be held:

The betting forecast was: 5/2 Northern Quest, 5/1 Field Roller, 6/1 Primus Inter Pares, Royal Glen, 15/2 Fencote Gold, 9/1 Cheer Us On, 10/1 Great Jane, Ton-Chee, 12/1 Divex.

Look at the chart! The cusp of the 5th house is at 5Cap14 and the first planet it aspects is the Moon at 8Ta51! The Moon is a female planet and the sign of Taurus is also female. So, first of all, the winner is a mare! In this race, there were only two mares!! One was called Royal Glen and the other was called Great Jane. As the Moon is in its exaltation, sign of Taurus, "Great" seems to fit better than "Royal". If, on the other hand, the cusp of the 5th house had aspected the Sun first, "Royal" might have been a better fit.

Moreover, if we consider the colour associations, the Moon in Taurus has a connection with blue (Taurus) and sea green (the Moon). This fits perfectly with Great Jane's jockey's kit! Royal Glen's jockey's kit is red which has no connection to the Moon in Taurus.

So, my prediction was that the Great Jane would win , although the betting forecast did not agree!


On 7. April 2008. on the website you could read:


1 Great Jane; 2 Cheer Us On; 3 Fencote Gold;
4 Royal Glen

Just a run-of-the-mill handicap, and one which presented GREAT JANE with a winning opportunity. Somewhat frustrating this season, she proved game for pressure from the final fence and ran on well to the finish to get the better of her main rival, who was racing wide of her. "