Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen won the last race of 2007 year in Brazil to edge out Hamilton, who finished seventh, for the drivers' championship.

Race stewards then investigated alleged fuel irregularities by Williams and BMW Sauber. But after a three-hour hearing, the race stewards chose to impose no penalty on either team, ensuring Raikkonen could celebrate the first F1 title of his career by finishing one point ahead of Hamilton and McLaren team-mate Fernando Alonso.

Had they been disqualified, Hamilton would have finished fourth, earning him enough points to become world champion.

BMW's cars held up Hamilton during the race but were not excluded Lewis Hamilton still has a slim chance of taking the F1 title after McLaren lodged an appeal against a decision not to punish two other teams in Brazil.

Being a Kimi's fan I asked the question: Will Kimi Raikkonen hold F1 title?

Here is the chart cast for : date, place and time of when I asked the question:

Look at chart!

Title (crown) is the matter of 10th house. Men with crown is represented with ruler of 10th house and natural ruler of kings, Su.

His oponent is represented with ruler of 4th house (7th from 10th, enemy) and natural ruler for challenger is Moon.

In this chart Kimi's ruler is Ju at 18Sag34, in his own sign, very strong position ! His co-ruler is Su in 7th house. Sun is in Moon's (Hamilton) fall, so harms Hamilton ! Sun oppose Hamilton's co-ruler Moon, so, according to J.Frawley (orb 8 degree) that is the same as Moon is combust and that means Hamilton's co ruler is very weak! Notice, Moon losing light , one more testimony of its weakness. Hamilton's main ruler is Me rx, under Sun's beam, weak too.

In this type of question it is helpfull to check out the Arabian Part of Resignation and Dismissal (Sa + Ju - Su). If the champ's ruler makes an immediate conjunction or opposition to this Part, it's testimony of losing title. Here, Part of Resignation and Dismissal is on 21Li50, so noone of Kimi's rulers makes immediate conjuction or oposition to it.

From all above, Kimi will hold F1 title !


On 16. Nov 2007. on the http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport website you could read the following:

"McLaren's Brazilian Grand Prix appeal has been rejected by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). The decision confirmed Kimi Raikkonen as world champion, dashing Briton Lewis Hamilton's title hopes."