JULY 2011...

On 12. July 2011. on website you could read the following:

"Kimi Raikkonen with Sebastian Vettel set to form super team!

Red Bull is planning to pair Sebastian Vettel with his friend Kimi Raikkonen in 2012 is the sensational claim of the high-circulation Bild-Zeitung, less than two days after Mark Webber ignored team orders at the end of the British grand prix.

Bild said the plan to replace Australian Webber with Raikkonen is "top secret" but divulged the information of a source "at the highest level".

The former Ferrari and McLaren race winner had talks with Red Bull last year and has now "apparently changed his mind" about wanting to stay in rallying and NASCAR.

The report also said Raikkonen told a Finnish journalist recently: "I have never said that my formula one career is over."

Being a Kimi's fan, I would like to see Kimi in Formula 1 again, so after reading this article, I imediatelly asked the question:

"Is it true that Raikkonen will join Vettel at Red Bull in 2012?"

The chart data is: 12. July 2011 at 7:25pm, gmt+2, Beograd, 20E30, 44N50, Serbia.

After looking at the chart I left the following post on the "Horarna Astrologija - pitaj konkretno" forum 4,5 months before Kimi made decision:

The rumour, or article that you have read, is true if:

The Ascendant ruler is in a fixed sign

The Moon is in a fixed sign

Lord of the Moon is in a fixed sign

Lord of ASC- not cadent and in good aspect to the benefics or the Sun

The Moon - not cadent and in good aspect to the benefics or the Sun

Lord of the Moon -not cadent and in good aspect to the benefics or the Sun

All 4 angles in a fixed signs

MC/IC in a fixed signs

The Moon rules an angle

Look at chart! What do we have here?

The Ascendant ruler - in a mutable sign

The Moon - in a mutable sign

Lord of moon is in a fixed sign

Lord of ASC- cadent and in bad aspect to the Sun

The Moon - cadent

Lord of the Moon - not cadent, but has no good aspect with a benefic

All 4 angles - only 2

MC/IC - in a fixed signs

Does the Moon rule an angle? Yes!

According to my chart, from 9 testimonies which need to say that a rumour is true, we have only 3 testimonies and one testimony which could be either yes or no. This means the article I have read is true a little more then 33% .


On 29.Nov.2011. on website you could read the following:

"Raikkonen to return with Renault in 2012

After weeks of speculation Renault confirmed on Tuesday that Kimi Raikkonen will make a comeback to race for the team in 2012.

"Iím delighted to be coming back to Formula One after a two-year break, and Iím grateful to Lotus Renault GP for offering me this opportunity," said the 32 year-old."

Well, he did return to Formula 1 (there was some truth in the rumour so this accounts for the 33%) but he did not join Red Bull. Instead, he joined Lotus Renault GP!!