Author: Konrad Klawikowski


I'm going to demonstrate my method with three games I did last night, all played in the Netherlands and, more importantly, all starting at 19.00 GMT. This is important as it took me hundreds of charts to come up with a method which could arrive at different results with an almost identical chart.

FIRST CHART: Cambuur vs Fortuna Sittard

Ok, before I even look at the charts, I get the information on the teams. This is the most time-consuming aspect, the actual judging of the result usually takes no more than a minute. I need the kit colours, the starting odds and since this is a league game, the league positions of the competing teams. If you don't know how odds operate then I suggest reading up on that first but simply, the lower the number, the more likely a team is considered to win. Use wikipedia for the kits and stadium co-ordinates and to find the starting odds. Clicking on the game you want will bring up a box showing bet's current odds, hovering the mouse over the relevant odds will show you what they started at.


-Kit: yellow shirts, blue shorts

-Odds: 1.33

-League Pos: 4th

Fortuna Sittard:

-Kit: green shirts, white shorts (away kit)

-Odds: 8.00

-League Pos: 17th

In this game we can see Cambuur are heavy favourites, its going to take alot to defeat them tonight.

Looking at the chart, we see the asc-dsc axis runs through Libra and Aries, so our sigs are the two ruling planets: Venus in Pisces and Mars in Leo.

I now decide which team is which sig. I'm quite happy to say that Venus in Pisces is Cambuur as using great colour schemes confirms it on this site ( Also, in my experience, Mars can be used for the type of dark green which Fortuna wear. I also give the teams secondary sigs. The 1st gets ruler of the tenth, the 7th ruler of the 4th (that being the turned 10th). In this chart we can see that Cancer rules the tenth. Uh oh! I don't like this and truth be told, I'm not completely satisfied with my method on what to use when Cancer is on an important point. I've settled on using the Moon's dispositor as we need the Moon for other things. In this case that is Mercury in Pisces. The ruler of the 4th is Saturn in Libra.

Again, before I try and judge the chart, I write all this down plus the antiscia of all the relevant chart points:


-Venus 22 51' Pisces (7 09' Libra)

-Mercury 0 23' Pisces (29 37 ' Libra)

Fortuna Sittard:

-Mars 0 47' Leo (29 13 ' Taurus)

-Saturn 2 49' Libra (27 11' Pisces)

The Moon: 26 33 Virgo (3 27' Aries)

Part of Fortune: 15 40' Aries (14 20' Virgo)

Now to the chart. Firstly, I look for any placements (planetary or via antisica) at any important points. These being within 2 degrees of the 1st or 7th house cusps. The 10th and 4th also but they have much less impact on the result. The Moon or it's antiscia help the cusp they fall in or near. The bodily placement of the Part of Fortune doesn't, while its antiscia seems to but that needs more testing.

In this chart we have one important placement. Saturn, lord of the 4th, is just inside the 1st house cusp. This gives an advantage to the 1st house team. If it were just on the other side of the cusp, the advantage would go to the 7th house team. The Moon is too far away and in a different sign to help the 1st house. I must also strees here that the lord of the 4th being in or on the 10th doesn't make much difference and vice versa. We are really looking for combinations involving the lord of the 1st or the 7th being in, or on, a relevant house (1st, 7th, 10th and 4th) within the two degrees. Same goes with the Moon and the antiscia of POF. 1st and 7th is much stronger than the 10th and 4th.

Next I look for aspects between the Moon and the other points. Here we have two. It trines the antiscia of Mars and opposes the antiscia of Saturn. If anyone has used Frawley's method before you'll see that this method is based upon that but with some major differences, it is these differences which make this accurate and his not. As per Frawley's method we only look to aspects for the next 5 degrees, I would actually use one at 5 1/2 degrees but there is no strict limit. I have also used aspects which perfect in the following sign successfully too.

That is as far as it goes, as there are no aspects between the sigs and the POF.

So, we have two indications of the game. Again, unlike Frawley's method, I find the aspects the Moon makes are cumulative. Also the nature of the aspect is crucial; Conjunction, sextile or trine = good. Square and opposition = bad.

Here the Moon trines the antiscia of Mars thus helping Fortuna Sittard. However, it opposes the antiscia of Saturn thus hindering Fortuna Sittard. Aspects, or anything in the chart for that matter, are always more potent when involving the Lord or the cusp of the 1st and 7th. Keeping that in mind, the 7th is a little stronger than the 1st in this chart.

Now here's the most difficult part, it requires a little practice to get this right, although not in this particular instance. Cambuur are very heavy favourites and Fortuna Sittard would need to be very strong in the chart to even get a draw. Here they are not. The trine to Mars helps them tremendously but the opposition to Saturn hinders them a little as does Saturn's placement. They have a slight disadvantage and add that to the large gulf in class between the teams:

My predicition: Cambuur

Result: Cambuur 2 - 1 Fortuna Sittard

NEXT CHART: Emmen vs TOP Oss:

Here we can see this chart is almost identical. The axis are only 0 46' advanced.

Let's start at the beginning.


-Kit: Red and white

-Odds: 1.95

-League Postion: 18th

TOP Oss:

-Kit: Blue and white

-Odds: 3.50

-League Position: 19th

The chart is almost identical to the last, the only difference being it is advanced 0 46' degrees. Mars in Leo fits red and white, so Mars is Emmen, TOP Oss is Venus.

Here I must raise an important point. The bookies' odds don't always accurately reflect the situation. Both of these teams are near the bottom of the league and are as such as good (or as bad) as each other. The odds don't relfect this. Emmen have home field advantage, so I would make them only slight favourites. Be watchful of the odds relative to league positions. The other day I did a french league game between the 5th placed team and the 16th placed team. The lower team were a big-named club and this was relfected in the odds as they were fairly even. I disagreed. The team at 5th in the table were at home giving them a slight advantage added to which they were obviously a better team this season due to their league position, so the advantage was a big one.

Anyway, we look at this chart and find that the 1st house team (TOP Oss) have a slight advantage. Emmen started with a slight advantage. Putting that together we have:

My predicition: Draw

Result: Emmen 2 - 2 TOP Oss

NEXT CHART: Veendam vs FC Eindhoven:

Again this chart is almost identical to the previous charts.


-Kit: yellow and black

-Odds: 2.25

-League Position: 12th

FC Eindhoven:

-Kit: blue and white

-Odds: 3.00

-League Position: 13th

I gave Mars to Veendam as it fits yellow and black, and Venus to FC Eindhoven.

Here, again, we have slight favourites being beaten slightly.

My prediction: Draw

Result:Veendam 0 - 1 FC Eindhoven

Hmm, I was wrong. I was confused. Surely the astrology couldn't be wrong? I looked at the chart again but found nothing. Eventually I decided to look at the last couple of months of results for these teams. Veendam have been losing almost 3 in 4 of their games home and away since December, while FC Eindhoven have lost one game since December 18th. This is a good example of how a league table and odds were both slightly inaccurate. FC Eindhoven are on the rise while Veendam are in a bit of a rut. Taking this into account, we can see why I should have given FC Eindhoven a better starting point and therefore the victory.

This method is not 100% accurate but that is purely down to me. The astrology is solid and is never wrong. Sometimes I get it wrong like the last chart. Sometimes teams decide to wear their 3rd kit at home which messes up the assignation of the sigs. Sometimes I am sleeping and I miss an important placement or aspect. I know this works though, I got 6 out of 7 games last night with the only one wrong being the last chart.

If you are going to use this, I would advise you start on a league you know. This will help to avoid any inaccuracies with the odds and form of the teams.

NEXT CHART: Sunderland vs Fulham:


-Kit: Red, white and black

-Odds: 2.10

-League Position: 14th


-Kit: Very dark blue(close to black) and white

-Odds: 3.60

-League Position: 10th

In this chart we have the asc/dsc axis running through Leo and Aquarius making our main sigs the Sun and Saturn. It is obvious to me that the Sun is Sunderland and Saturn is Fulham. The Sun can represent red, it is in a mutable sign and their shirt has two colours. Sometimes I also use the Lord of the 10th to confirm my thought when I am unsure. In this case I am not. Saturn represents dark colours and being in Libra gives it a dark/light combination. This fits Fulham perfectly!

Now for the postions of the sigs:


- The Sun 9 54' Pisces (20 06' Libra)

- Mars 0 56' Leo (29 04 Taurus)


- Saturn 2 54' Libra (27 06' Pisces)

- Venus 21 24' Pisces (8 36' Libra)

The Moon: 8 56' Virgo (21 04' Aries)

Part Of Fortune: 13 26 Aquarius (16 34' Scorpio)

Ok, I am fairly satisfied with the odds. I would have Fulham a little shorter as they are higher in the league but I know Sunderland are decent at home and Fulham are particuarly bad away from home. I use a UK bookmakers and I find their odds for UK games to be much more accurate. In Europe and further afield they tend to make errors which adds a little weight to my wallet when I spot them but I digress.

First thing I notice is that the POF is on the 7th house cusp, surely a good thing? Well no, it doesn't seem to be. I had my suspicions before Sunday and that confirmed it. The POF doesn't do anything when positioned on a house cusp. Frawley theorises that the POF belongs to the ascendant team when using Moon aspects to it. That does seem to be the case and I look forward to the chart I find with the POF on the 1st cusp as the only testimony of victory. The antisca of POF does seem to affect the cusp it is on but I need some more evdence to be confident of it. The antisca of the Sun is almost on the 4th house cusp just as the antisca of the Moon is on the 10th. I think these are too far way to have any effect. I have found that beyond 2 degrees the effects tend to decrease dramatically, same with a combust planet. So, there are no important planetary placements.

Now we look for aspects. The Moon applies to oppose the Sun. This is bad for Sunderland as an opposition from the Moon hurts them. Remember, the nature of the aspect is important and that aspect must be an applying one. I'm sure I read somewhere that an aspect is considered exact until around 18 minutes of seperation, I have found that to be true in these charts. However the most I have seen is 13 minutes, that's not to say it isn't 18 minutes, I just havent seen it yet.

That's all we have here. Now to judge it. Sunderland started with a middling lead and in the chart Fulham gained an advantage.

My prediction: Draw

Result: Sunderland 0 - 0 Fulham