Author: Konrad Klawikowski


As to some principles, assigning colours isn't as hard as you may think. Try not to be over-awed by it.

Each planet goes against one other all of the time (apart from Saturn which goes against the Sun and the Moon). This makes it much easier. The planets all take some time to go through their current signs too (I don't use the Moon as a significator) so there is ample opportunity to get it right. Another thing is that even though in a perfect world both planets match both teams, we only need one to match up. The other is assigned by default.

In general:

Sun vs Saturn: we're looking for light vs dark repectively. Sun does represent red, yellow, gold, purple and Saturn black, brown, dark green but if I had a light blue and a blood red I can be almost certain that the Sun is the light colour and the Saturn the dark.

Mercury vs Jupiter: Mercury is rather mutable, so it takes on the colours of it's current sign alot. It is white and yellow. Jupiter is expansive and vibrant and so are it's kits. Bright reds, deep blues, purples. Again though, each planet's characteristics can be found in the relevant kits. Black may not fit either planet strictly, it is more likely to be Mercury as black doesn't scream expansion or vibrance to me.

You often get red vs blue in football matches. In this case they are both Jupiter colours but looking at the nature of them, red is more vibrant and more akin to Jupiter than Mercury.

Venus vs Mars: Calm vs intensity. These selections are pretty simple. Colour-wise Venus is soft and gentle while Mars is deep, dark and intense.

While I do admit I get some wrong at times, this is a simple method once you practice it and think "outside the box". The colours don't have to be 100% matched to what you've got on paper but each planet has a flavour, a feel, as does each kit. It's just a case of matching them up and as I said, it takes around a month for the quickest planets to move through a sign so you have plenty of time to see how that sign affects the selection. I did not select to the end.