The way Manchester City have started their Premiership campaign one wonders if anyone is capable of stopping them as they look good to beat Juventus on Tuesday night. Manchester City have played five games and have won all five matches and kept a clean sheet in the Premiership.

Juventus got off to a poor start after having lost key personel in the transfer window. The Italian Serie A side Juventus have gotten off to a terrible Serie A start with just a point from three games.

Here is the chart cast for the date, place and time where the match was to be held:

After looking at the chart, I left this my prediction 2 days before the match in the Horary astrology section of the "Bob Marks Astrologer network" forum.

Right now odds for this match are: Man City 1.8 Draw 3.8 Juventus 5!

Using the color method, as Manchester City will play in the blue/white kit I would assign them DSC ruler, Venus, because Venus/blue in Leo/bright color, perfectly fits regarding the colors of their kit.

Juventus will wear the black/white kit or black, so, they are represented with ASC ruler Mars (Mars is in connection with black color). Mars is in the House of Joy makes Juventus especially strong. Mars is also in conjunction with POF's antiscion (APOF) and the Moon has sextile with APOF (within next 5 degrees)! Aspect with POF or APOF is final, and because here it is sextile, that means ASC team wins, so, my prediction is that Juventus will win!



After the match on 15. Sep. 2015. on the website you could read the following:

"Manchester City 1 - 2 Juventus

Manchester City may have made a flying start domestically but they had their wings clipped by Juventus as the Bianconeri came from behind to prevail 2-1 in UEFA Champions League Group D."