The last time Mirko "Cro Cop" faced Gabriel Gonzaga his night ended as a victim of the same high kick that's defined his career while also simultaneously missing out on a shot to fight for the UFC heavyweight title.

Now the two fighters will do it all over again.

The UFC announced on Friday that Cro Cop will return to the Octagon for the first time in three years to face Gonzaga in the main event of the promotion's first ever card in Poland on April 11. Cro Cop will get his chance for revenge when he faces Gonzaga for the second time when the heavyweight combatants meet in Poland.

On February 23th 2015. on the "Horarna Astrologija - pitaj konkretno forum" I saw a post from a member, "Baphomet" , a huge fan of Croatian Mirko, with a question:

"Will Mirko Filipovic - "Cro Cop"- beat Gabriel Gonzaga? "

Here is the horary chart cast for date, place and time of when "Baphomet" asked the question :

Let's see what the chart says! After looking at the chart I left the following post on the "Horarna Astrologija - pitaj konkretno forum" a 48 days before the match:

In this type of chart, Mirko is represented with the ruler of the 1st house, exalted Moon, (because querent is Mirko's fan) but the Moon is far a little more than 60 degrees from the Sun, so this reduces a little Moon's power.

His opponent, Gonzaga, is represented by the ruler of the 7th house, peregrine Saturn. So, the Moon is stronger, because the exalted planet is much stronger than peregrine planet.

The success is represented by the ruler of the 10th house, Mars. Mars is going to trine with Saturn/Gonzaga, but peregrine Sun has an aspect with Saturn before Mars, so this is prohibition, and Saturn/Gonzaga can not win. Next, Mars is in Saturn's fall, that means the success do not "likes" Gonzaga. So, I expect that Mirko will win !


After the match (on 11. April 2015.) on the http://bleacherreport.com website, I read the following text:

"Cro Cop beats Gabriel Gonzaga in UFC heavyweight rematch

Almost seven years ago Gabriel Gonzaga shocked the UFC world with a head-kick knockout of Mirko Filipovic - Cro Cop. This time around, Cro Cop gained revenge with a third-round TKO over Gonzaga. He started slow in the first two rounds but hurt Gonzaga with elbows and finished him on the ground."