Manchester United and Zenit St Petersburg will contest the cup this year, for winning the Champions League and the Uefa Cup respectively. The 33rd official Super Cup pits two teams that are fairly representative of how football has evolved.

The Old Trafford side are an established club with pedigree in every competition they have entered. Their marketing deals are synonymous with their success as they tied up back-to-back Premier League titles and a European Cup to boot, while fans from London to Laos, and Abuja to Ankara, all tuned in to cheer.

The club that play in Petrovsky on the other hand are a relatively new name to most in European football. They are also one of the richest clubs in Russia as they are bankrolled by Gazprom - one of the largest companies in the East. Their successes both at home and in Europe, have (for the main part) all been recent.

Manchester United have been in two Super Cups before, winning one in 1991 - defeating Red Star Belgrade one goal to nothing, and losing another in 1999 due to a Lazio goal courtesy of Marcelo Salas. This will be Zenit's first outing.

By odds, Manchester United was favorite:

Manchester United - Zenit St Petersburg

Odds: 1,61 3,50 5,00

But would Manchester United win this time and alow Sir Alex's to break another record if United triumph as the first coach to have won the competition three times? Let's see what the chart tells us!

This is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

First, as usuall, we must determine who is ASC and who is DSC. MU's home kit is red in colour, so that fits with ruler of ASC, Ju. The DSC ruler is Me in Li. Li is connected with colour blue, so that fits with Zenit's sport kit. Me is connected with light colour combinations, which is quite appropriate with the light-blue color of Zenit's kit.

Then, I noticed, Moon is VOC! That usually means a draw or that the favorite wins. But I use this chart to show you, that you can't rely on only one testimonies, you always must search for several testimonies for one side or other.

Next, I spotted Ur, very close to ASC! Red flag!! A surprise is on the horizon! So, that is contrary to the testimony that the favorite will win!!

Then, I noticed Pl right on MC! When it is so close to the MC or to the ASC, Pl is a testimony of losing the match for the ASC team! The ruler of the ASC is Ju rx, slow...accidental dignities for Jurx= 2 while Me= 11...none of the testimonies second that "the favorite will win".

And because this match cannot finish as a draw, I predicted that Zenit will win !


After the match on the website http://www.skysports.com you could read:

"Manchester United failed to add the Uefa Super Cup to their UEFA Champions League triumph as they were defeated 2-1 by Zenit St Petersburg in Monaco."