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The NBA playoffs are finally here. After one of the most exciting regular seasons in recent memory, the field is set. The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers are the two teams many expected to see in the NBA Finals, although the journey to the Finals came with some unexpected bumps along the way for both teams. Now that they're here, these teams will attempt to end long title droughts, with the Cavaliers looking to win their first ever NBA championship.

On June 10. 2015. in the Hoaray section of the "Astrodienst Forum" I saw a post from a member, "unodomini", with a question:

"Will Cleveland will the NBA Finals? I want Cleveland to win!"

Here is the chart cast for the date, place and time when "unodomini" asked the question:

After looking at the chart, I left my prediction that Cleveland will not win the NBA Finals!

Because you are a huge Cleveland fan, we give Cleveland the first house and its ruler Mars. Their opponent is represented by the 7th house ruler, Venus.

In this type of question, the most important considerations are accidental dignities and in this chart they slightly favored Venus. Then, Mars is combust, that is very strong testimony against Cleveland team! The ruler of the 4 house which tell us how all will end is the Moon, which exalts Venus, so "things" will end in favor of the opponent. Next, we have VOC Moon in this chart. The Moon holds great importance in Horary charts. It rules function and so this absence of a future aspect suggest that nothing will come of the question. So, in my opinion Cleveland will not be a winner.

One more thing confirms this my prediction. Cavaliers looking to win their first ever NBA championship. But MC/success ruler Saturn is retrograde. A retrograde significator symbolizes a going-back or a return to a previous state, that means the winner will be some team which already won that trophy and that is Golden State Warriors!


On 16. Jane 2015. on the http://www.nba.com/ website you could read the following:

"Golden State Warriors win NBA title - 4:2!

Warriors finish off Cavs for NBA title. Golden State wins Game 6 to claim its first championship in 40 years. The Warriors were simply the better team."

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