Novak Djokovic was the surprise package at Roland Garros this year (2006). Despite his undoubted talent, Novak Djokovic was thought to be too young to make an impression at this year's French Open - after all, he only celebrated his 19th birthday a week before the tournament started. This is the first time that Djokovic and Nadal are facing each other, and for once, 'Rafa' will be playing someone younger than him.

This is the horary chart cast for the date, time and place of when I asked the question: Will N.Djokovic beat R.Nadal ?

Althought I would like Novak to win this tennis match (he is from my country), let's see what chart tells!

Because I am Novak's supporter we will give him 1st house, and it's ruler is Moon at 22Li03 in Via Combusta! Peregrine! Not a good start! The Moon in the Via Combust way is very unpredictable. It is like a Mars-Uranus conjunction. The totally unexpected strikes out of the blue!

The opponent ruler is ruler of the 7th house, Sa at 7Le38 considering as in 2nd house.

As Frawley said, the major accidental dignities are much more important than essential dignity in these questions. Essential dignity might tell us who deserves to win; accidental dignity tells us who does win. Look at Lilly's table for Accidental Dignities and Accidental Debilities (you will find link on index page of this site):

Accidental Dignities: Novak=4 Nadal= 3

As we see, more or less this is equal. But if all other testimonies are more or less equal, a strong discrepancy of essentiall dignity can be crucial (Frawley). Lets see Lilly's table for Essential Dignities and Essential Debilities:

Essential Dignities: Novak= - 5 Nadal= - 4

So, we have not clear advantage jet! Let's see receptions. Hm, Moon exalts Sa! That means that Novak puts Nadal on a pedestal! With that attitude Novak is more likely to be defeated! Fathermore, Moon is in triplicity of Sa, so Sa is in power! This is advantage for Sa (Nadal)! And that is not all! We must consider Antiscion. And what we have in this chart? Sa, ruler of Nadal, conjuct contrantiscion of POF!! In "The Astrologer's Apprentice"(Issue 2) Frawley said:

"Surprinsigly, ruler's opposition to POF's antiscion seems to bring victory."

So, this is sign that Nadal has more lucky (POF's interfere) to be the winner!


After the match on the website http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/ you could read:

What happened? NOVAK GIVES NADAL MATCH!!! ( Novak's ruler Moon in Via combusta way!)

Defending champion Rafael Nadal eased into the French Open semi-finals (Roland Garros) when opponent Novak Djokovic was forced to retire with a back injury. Nadal was leading 6-4 6-4 when Djokovic, who was struggling throughout, walked to the net shaking his head and said he had had enough. Nadal seldom had to be at his best in a curiously low-key match, with Djokovic inconsistent and clearly in pain."