On 14 May 2011 in the horary section of the Astrologyweekly Forum I noticed Astro2222's post:

"This Sunday there is going to be a derby match between Otelul Galati and Poli Timisoara. Otelul Galati is at 1st place with 64 points, while Poli Timisoara is at 2nd place with 63 points. The match has to be played at Galati (Romania) at 20:30h. I cast the chart which showed the ASC at 18Sco10.

Otelul Galati's home sport's kit is red/white; Poli Timisoara's away kit is yellow/black. As the Moon is in fall, I think the result will be a draw. I would value your opinion about the outcome of this match which is for the Romanian championship title and the winner will play in the Champions League groups and the prize for this is 10 milions euro!"

After reading this post, I cast the chart for the match which showed the ASC=25Sco23, so I suspected the timing was wrong. I went to http://www.soccerway.com site to check and saw that I was indeed right! The match was to be played at 20h!! Here is the right chart for this match! This is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

After looking at chart, I posted my analysis the same day:

Yes, the Moon is in fall which means there is great potential for a draw if nothing else happens in the chart. But here "something" happens! The dignities are more or less same, but the Moon's aspects tell us that there will be a winner!

The Moon's aspects are: sextile AMe, oppose Ma, sextile AJu, sextile APOF (remember, aspect with POF or APOF is final). APOF also conjunct MC, so the ASC team will win !

I use the colour method to assign rulers. As Otelul Galati's home sport's kit is red/white/blue, that fits perfectly with the ruler of the ASC, Ma/red in Ta/white/blue, so the ASC team is Otelul Galati !


After the match on the http://www.rri.ro/ website I read the following text:

"Otelul Galati 2-1 Poli Timisoara

With one round still to go in the Romanian football season, Otelul Galati have already secured the title of league champions. A 2-1 victory on home ground against Timisoara on Sunday guaranteed Otelul this seasonís trophy. Timisoara are currently second placed."