Pakistan cricket and controversies are never far away from each other but as the team get set to play their first match of the 2011 World Cup against Kenya at Hambantota, they would be hoping for a ruckus-free tournament and ensure that all the focus remains only on the cricket. The recent bans handed out by the ICC to the three Pakistan cricketers should not be a cause for any distractions for the team, but the onus remains on the players to ensure that their concentration is completely on the game.

Pakistan have played 5 ODIs against Kenya so far and have won all five games. This is also the first time that these two teams would be playing against each other in a World Cup.

Wil Pakistan win again?

This is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match will be held :

After looking at the chart I left the following post on the Horary section of the Astrologyweekly Forum one day before the match.

Using the colour method, I attributed Saturn/dark in Libra/green to Pakistan. Kenya's sport's kit is green/red/black which fits quite well with the mixed associations that comes with Mars in Pisces! If you ask me 'why Mars?' when we have Cancer on the ASC, the answer is that when the Moon is Lord 1 (or Lord 7), we keep the Moon to show the flow of events and use the Moon's dispositor as the ruler of the ASC or DSC.

In cricket matches we use the same rules as in football matches except for one: we look for the Moon's aspects within 13 degrees (for a one day match) or until the end of the Moon's present sign if the Moon is at a later degree then 17 degrees .

So, what do we have here? First, I noticed that Saturn, Lord 7, is in a partile conjunction with the Antiscion of the POF - that is a strong testimony that the DSC team would win! If we look at the Moon's aspects we have one and only one, and that is a sextile with Venus, Lord 4, one more testimony of the DSC team winning. So my prediction was that Pakistan would win !


After the match on the http://cricket.yahoo.com/ website I read the following text:

"Afridi, Umar help Pakistan defeat hapless Kenya!

Kenya found their opponents too hot to handle after Umar hit a 52-ball 71 to anchor Pakistan's challenging total of 317-7 before they bundled out their rivals for just 112 in 33.1 overs."