Partizan (Belgrade) will look to extend its Euroleague season for at least one more game when it hosts reigning champion CSKA Moscow in Game 3 of their best-of-five Quarterfinal Playoffs series on Tuesday night on 31.March 2009 in Belgrade Arena in front of 20 000 Partizan fans. Partizan's biggest problem wasn't that much lack of a talent in two Moscow games as much as they looked frightened and without energy, something we're not used to see from them this season. Now, that should definitely be different, fans should push the home team and they should be very motivated to show they're much better than Moscow games showed. But, will thay win ?

This is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

First, as always, we must see "who's who". As you know, I use the colour method to asign teams to the ASC ruler and the DSC ruler. I choose this chart because it is very specific case, read more and you will get to know why.

Partizan's home sports kit is white in colour. CSKA's away sports kit is also a white colour!! I have received several emails from sport fans asking how I would asign teams to the ASC ruler and DSC ruler in special cases like this.

Well, teams cannot play in same colours . Why? Because the players would not easily recognize their own team members, so thay would lose much precious time. Moreover, the audience in a sports hall and the audience in front of the TV would also have difficulties in recognising "who's who". So, teams must be dressed in different (contrasting) colours . The home team, however, has the advantage of being able to play in its own home sports kit. So, in cases like this, you know that the home team will surely play in their home sports kit . This means that the away team must dress their team members in a sports kit which is in a contrasting colour to the home team sports kit. The CSKA home sport kit is red! So, it is a contrasting colour to the colour of home team sports kit (in this case Partizan). And CSKA team members wore their home sports kit even though they played away. (See pic below!)

Now, we know by looking at the chart, that Sco on ASC with ruler Ma reflects the colours of CSKA's sport kit (Ma=red, Pi=blue) very well. Partizan would be represented by the DSC, which has Ta on its cusp and Ve as ruler, which has connections with a white colour. Next, we see that both rulers are in the 5th house but that Ve is rx, slow and combust. These are all negative testimonies for Partizan.

On the other hand, Ma, ruler of CSKA, is direct and fast. These are both very positive testimonies for CSKA.

In addition, we must consider the accidental dignities: for Ma=16 for Ve= -8. Once again, this is a positive testimony for CSKA.

Finally, the Moon's next applying aspect within 5 degrees is only a square with the Antiscion of the Su, ruler of the 10th house. This is a further positive testimony for CSKA.

It was obvious that CSKA would win again ! I left my prediction that CSKA would win on Astrologyweekly forum one hour before the match started.


After the match on the website http://www.euroleague.net you could read:

"Reigning champion CSKA Moscow returned to the Euroleague Final Four for the seventh time in as many years by finishing off a 3-0 sweep of Partizan Belgrade in the Quarterfinal Playoffs with a 56-67 victory on the road. In a do-or-die encounter for Partizan, the hosts could not take advantage of a huge crowd of 21 352 fans at Belgrade Arena. CSKA now has a chance to defend its title at the Final Four at the Arena in Berlin from May 1-3 and collect its seventh Euroleague crown - and third in four seasons. "