On 5th August 2009, Partizan (Belgrade) play at home to Apoel Nicosia in the latest Champions League fixtures. In the first game Apoel won 2-0 at home. This was a really good result for Apoel, but will they win again?

On match day, I noticed a post by Replaycy, a forum member on the forum where he said at the end of his post: “I go with a possible draw or victory for DSC-Apoel”.

Let see what the event chart for this match has to say.

When you look at the chart, straightaway, it looks as if the DSC team will win and therefore Replaycy was right regarding that fact. But he was wrong in judging that the DSC team is Apoel. Therefore I post my own analysis of this chart:

I use the colour method to assign teams to the ASC or DSC. This chart is very tricky when it comes to colours.

ASC - 4Pi17

Pi is connected with blue, green, white and red-violet colours.

Ju is connected with blue, purple and yellow colours.

Apoel's home kit is yellow and blue in colour and because it is not in conflict with Partizan's home kit, which is white/black I concluded from the above information that Apoel will play in their home kit (yellow and blue), so Apoel is actually represented with the ASC ruler!


With Me in Vi (white), and Sa (black) in the 7th house, the DSC represents Partizan. With Me in his own sign right on the DSC, and 20 points difference when it comes to acc dignity, my prediction was that Partizan would win .


After the match you could read on Partizan's Official website:


Partizan won 1:0, but did not manage to book their place in the UEFA Champions League play-off round.! It was a pyrrhic 1:0 victory. Partizan left to fight for Europa League entry."