European Champions League Third Qualifying Round - 29th July 2015

The Romanian team will be favourites to beat Partizan despite the fact the latter have lost just 1 of their last 26 games in all competitions and were comfortable 3 - 0 winners over Dila in the Second Qualifying Round. However, the away win at Dila was the first Partizan have had in 3 away games in all competitions and this is a team that had been struggling on their travels in Europa.

Last season, Partizan lost all 3 away games played in the Europa League Group Stage, although they will point out they are unbeaten in 3 away games in the Champions League and won 2 of those games. Those wins at HB and Dila are decent results, but it is the draw at Ludogorets last season that Partizan may use as an inspiration for this trip to Steaua Bucharest.

This is the first time Steaua Bucharest and Partizan will meet in a competitive match.

6 days before the match I asked the question: "Will Partizan beat Steaua on 29th July 2015?"

Here is the chart cast for the date, place and time when I asked the question:

After looking at the chart, I left this my prediction on the same day in the Horary astrology section of the "Forum.hr" forum.

As soon as I saw this Saturn rx in 1st house, I was anxious. Anthony Louis, in his book "Horary Astrology Plain and Simple" says that Saturn in the first means things will not work out the way the querent would like.

Because I am a huge Partizan's fan, we give Partizan the 1st house and its ruler Mars, which is in the unfortunate 8th house, in the fall and Under Sun's Beam - quite debilitated.

Partizan's opponent, Steaua, is represented with a 7th house ruler, Venus also in the fall, but on most fortunate fixed star Regulus and when it comes to dignities they are in favor of the Venus!

So, as Mars is less dignified than Venus and with that Saturn rx in 1st house, my prediction is that Partizan will not beat Steaua!


After the match on 29. July 2015. on the http://sport.blic.rs website you could read the following:

"Steaua Bucharest 1 : 1 Partizan

Partizan played a draw with Steaua Bucharest 1: 1 and thus achieved a good result in the first leg of the third qualifying round of the Champions League."