Impressions have slowly subsided after the European performances of our best clubs in Serbia (Crvena Zvezda and Partizan) at the start of the group stage of the competition in Europe, already 22. Sep. 2019. we expect a duel of ''eternal rivals'' for the first time this season. It will be 161. in total the championship clash between Partizan and Crvena Zvezda.

As I am Partizan fan 2 days before the match I asked the question:

Will Partizan win the derby 22. 9. 2019?

Here is the chart cast for the date, place and time when I asked the question:

After looking at the chart, I left this my prediction 1 day before the match in the "Sportska astrologija" section of the "MADEinMONTENEGRO.com" forum:

As I have a strong identification with Partizan, ("my" team"), Partizan is represented with the ruler of the 1st house, Venus. His opponent, Crvena Zvezda is represented with the ruler of the 7th house, Combust Mars. Dignities are in Venus favour and we see that Mercury translates the light from Venus to Saturn/ruler of the 10th house/success so I think Partizan will win!



After the match on 22. Sep. 2019. on the http://www.novosti.rs website you could read the following:

"Partizan beat big rival Crvenu Zvezdu 2:0 in 161. eternal derby in frame 9. of the Super League of Serbia. The triumph for the Partizan brought the highest paid player in the history of Seydouba Soumah a great shot from the edge of the penalty area in 83. minutes, just 19 minutes after entering the game, and another reservist Zoran Tosic in the finish line. "