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One of the most amazing phenomena in event football charts is when Pluto is involved. Being very close in an important house cusp it will decide a competition just by itself and with almost clock-like reliable precision. The special spin, that Pluto gives, will usually be of suddenly turning the status quo upside down... A team that already seems to be on an easy home run will for no apparent reason mess it all up in a sense of shooting themselves in the foot - as Frawley puts it...

Considering the mythology of Pluto this is only reasonable. Known as the god of the underworld, he represents the great principle of metamorphosis and as this he tends to turn things upside down. Also looking astronomically, we are really speaking of a two-body-system, since the so called moon Charon is actually half the size of Pluto itself. Seeing it from there Pluto/Charon actually represents the fundamental principle of the TWOness of the fallen world, that is opposing the central allegory of divine ONEness – the sun of course...

Back to football! Here are some recent examples of matches that had Pluto as the main focus:

On October 15. 2013. Germany played Sweden in their last 2014 FIFA World Cup - qualifying game for Brazil.

Still remembering that shocking 4:4 of the first leg some month before they were out for some revenge, but only 20 minutes into the game the team was facing a 2:0 lead of the Swedish... But then, what seemed to become a disappointing evening for a German audience, suddenly turned into a happy ending, as Pluto raised his hand from his grave right on 7th house cusp... Germany scored 4 times and the final result was 3:5. With no other major testimonies in the chart, Pluto ruled the show…(We see the ruler of the DSC is the Saturn (dark blue) in conjunction with Mercury (yellow), so Sweden is DSC. )

But – as every magician will tell you: Never start off with your best routine..! So here is the next example:

In an ordinary 2. League game in Germany, 1860 München was facing their opponents of the small town Paderborn.

Playing in all black the visitors was clearly settled in descending Capricorn. Now although Paderborn controlled almost the whole match scoring twice in the first half, they mysteriously couldn’t carry their victory home. For no apparent reason they “fell asleep” shortly before the referee had blown the final whistle and 1860 went even with 2:2 as the final result. Red card to Pluto I say..!!!
Note that Pluto should always be very close to the cusp. Here, with more than 1 degree it is certainly on the edge. Interesting also in this chart: Jupiter as Lord 10 and Moon’s dispositor is on the first cusp and at the same time Chiron as malefic right on the MC – they seem to even each other out...

The next example takes our Pluto plot even one step further, since now it is only conjunct IC, the house of success for DSC team... Again, this is about a 2. League competition, but this time it was the seasons leading FC Köln versus relegation candidate Cottbus, who urgently needed every point.

And things looked almost perfect that night until 84. min when Köln hit the target for 1:1. Sadly, that wasn’t the end of it yet. Only 2 min later Köln scored again winning 2:1 and make it even worse because this happened by an own goal – very evil indeed...

Looking at the chart we see all black playing Cottbus with Mars on the North Node, which certainly gives them a fair chance even playing away... but not with Pluto right on 4th house cusp....
Remarkably there is also Uranus precisely on 7th house cusp! The final word on Uranus-as it seems- hasn’t been spoken yet, but I highly suspect it to be related with so called Doppelschlag, where in some kind of Uranian "chain-reaction" two goals are scored within 2 or 3 min just as it happened here...

Recently, there had been a series of international friendly matches to warm up for the Brazil. In Brussel, Belgium, secret favorite on the 2014 FIFA World Cup, played against the African team from Ivory-Cost.

The chart looks pretty simple with the Moon makes no major aspects and Jupiter on the 10th house cusp not ruling an important house.

Only Mars, Lord of the 7th house, is on North Node and this would usually be a heavy argument for the DSC team, but again we find Pluto and Uranus right on the 4th and 7th house cusp. Playing in all red the Belgians were represented by Mars. The match miraculously followed the familiar plot. Belgium scored twice during the game until the Africans came back scoring nicely in 83 and 90 min. Certainly amazing!!

And now, here is the best example for the end. On that same night a friendly match was played between Australia and Ecuador. For reasons that are beyond me this event took place in London. The chart therefore is almost identical with the one before. The kit colours are different though, but the earthy green/gold gives a sufficient match for Mars in Libra/Australia, while white/blue also fits with Venus in Capricorn/Ecuador. So what happened in London? The performance was quite a special one.

Australia is taking a lead of 3:0 at half time and the competition seemed almost over. After the break Australia started with a new goalkeeper and soon things started to go wrong...

Some minutes into the second half this new goalkeeper was sent off again with red card and Ecuador started there Pluto-project of the night, scoring three times until at the end of the match – but read for yourself how the papers described the scenario afterwards: "The collapse and comeback was complete in stoppage time, with substitute Edison Méndez slotting Antonio Valencia's low cross into Brad Jones' net for 4-3, with what was practically the last shot of the game. It was a kick in the teeth for the Socceroos."

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