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Apart from the main significators and the Moon it is the Part of Fortune (POF), that plays the central role in the judgement of sport charts. In simple words POF is a nothing more than a point in space, calculated from the Sun/Moon distance, added to the ascendent. A. Louis says: “POF is to the Moon, what the Ascendent is to the Sun...” Origins and theory behind it, as with Arabian parts in general are cloudy, almost miraculous and discussing the details here would use up the space by itself. In the last issue (Nr. 22) of the ASTROLOGERS APPRENTICE J. Frawley gave an extensive article on the matter.

In general POF represents the t r e a s u r e of the chart owner and when it comes to sports the treasure in question of course is – v i c t o r y . One strong testimony POF or its antiscia (POFAS) can be decisive to the outcome of the competition.

POF (always calculated by the day-formula) can get involved in different ways. Major testimonies are:

The latest European football season did bring a couple of nice examples about, how POF can get involved in the average football chart. So lets have a look:

On 9.Feb. 2014. VFB Stuttgart met FC Augsburg in an ordinary match of the Bundesliga. Playing at home VFB was considered favourite in this event, but as it came out Augsburg won impressively by 1:4.

The chart shows the Moon applying to trine Mars, L10, which would have given the victory to white playing Stuttgart, but POF on 1 degree Sagittarius throws its antiscia right on the 7th cusp at 29 Capricorn. POFAS close on 1. or 7. cusp (1-2 degree) is considered as strongest single testimony you can get – hence victory was with the visitors...

On 19. Jan. 2014. FC Chelsea met Manchester United in England Premier League.

The chart shows two strong testimonies for the blues – both by antiscia. There is the antiscia of Saturn, L7 on the 7th house cusp. And there is the antiscia of POF close in the 4th house cusp. Chelsea, of course, playing there blue home kit did profit well from both testimonies winning nicely by 3:1.

Note here, that POFAS on 4th or 10th house cusp would not be considered as strong testimony, whereas it would still be considered on 1st or 7th house cusp. And most important: POF itself is not working in terms of house position!

One of the most thrilling matches I came across last season was an ordinary second league game on 17.Feb.2014. Kaiserslautern had just kicked out the star team of Leverkusen in the national DFB-Cup quarterfinal. Still drunk from that success they fell hard on the floor loosing 0:1 against east German underdog SC Aue who scored early in the game and then during 80 minutes had all the luck of the world with Kaiserslautern magically unable to place the ball in the net.

The chart is a special one: with the Moon close in the 1st house cusp but in different sign its support of the ascendent team is diminished, but then if we take the Moon’s antiscia we see it falling precisely in the 7th house cusp and this time it is in the same sign too. So this gives a strong plus to the blue playing team - SC Aue.

In addition to the situation POF falls right on the South Node, giving the white playing ascendent team a really unlucky evening out...

Of course the Moon’s aspects with POF or POFAS are of the highest value. Whereas trine and sextile support the ascendent team square and opposition will harm them seriously. Atletico Madrid, current Spanish champion, could have finished this year’s race early in their home match versus Malaga on 11. May 2014. But the game ended as a draw.

In the chart we see the Moon applying to conjunct POFAS. Conjunction certainly is the strongest most reliable testimony we can find in the chart. Here it brings at least one point to the ASC team (blue/white) FC Malaga.

In England Premier League Liverpool F.C. seemed to be able to win their first national championship since – a very long time ago... But in their away match with Crystal Palace F.C they messed it all up in a way that let their supporters suffer seriously. Within the last 15 minutes of the game they gave away their 3:0 lead to face a final result of 3:3!

Looking at the chart it is amazing to see the Moon forming two major aspects within the next 5 degrees. First there is the trine to L7 Venus giving white playing Liverpool F.C a very good start, but then the Moon moves in trine with POFAS on 4 deg. Sagittarius brings back the ASC team, Crystal Palace F.C in play when nobody did expect it whatsoever..."

There were some other surprise in this years British football. In the national FA-Cup FC Fulham met the third league team from Sheffield starting the game on very long odds...

Looking at the chart we immediately see POF in close conjunction with Saturn. Saturn in general acts as the great malefic of the chart (similar as South Node) and unless it is L1 or L7 it will harm anything he can get hold of. Therefore here white playing Fulham/ASC team was unable to take their treasure home – after a 0:0, Sheffield/DSC team scored in extra time very surprisingly winning 0:1! Note: aspects like this have to be very close and of course applying.

Finally, there was another not completely insignificant match in this years European football season. In the 2nd leg semifinal of the current Champions League, former cup winner Bayern München met Real Madrid’s Christiano Ronaldo and some other fairly genius teammates.

After a 0:1 in Spain, Bayern was up to equalise, but on this night nothing was possible whatsoever. Madrid scored 3 times and after 35 minutes (Saturn was just rising) victory was already in their pocket. Who else than Ronaldo could have done the finishing. His free kick closed the case of Bayern unique 0:4 disaster...

Looking at the chart it could be called a nightmare coming true for a Mars like all red playing teams as Bayern (ASC team).

There is the Moon close to the 7th house cusp – major testimony for Madrid. The Moon is soon opposing POF – again destructive testimony for Bayern. As if this wasn’t enough for one disappointing football evening, we see Saturn close and applying retrograde to POF – what else could have come off a devastating chart like this?!!

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