Paris Saint-Germain will get a clearer idea of how far its ambition can really take it this season when it hosts Barcelona (2.Apr.2013.) in the first leg of their Champions League quarterfinal on Tuesday.

This will be a rematch of their 1995 quarter-final and the Parisian club's long unbeaten record on home soil gives them cause for confidence. PSG have not lost a European game at home for six years!

"Will I get money if I bet on PSG?"

This is a question asked from PSG huge fan. Here is the chart cast for date, place and time of when fan asked the question:

After viewing this chart I left my prediction on TYL forum 10 days before the match kicked off!!

You are Mercury and Moon. To get money from bookie is a 8 house matter, the ruler is Saturn rx. We need unobstructed applying aspect between Mercury/you and Saturn rx/bookie money. But before Mercury perfect aspect with Saturn rx, it perfects aspect with Jupiter, so this is a prohibition and NO answer to your question.

Next, we look if there is an unobstructed applying aspect between Saturn rx/bookie money and the ruler of your 2nd house, in this chart that is the Moon, which represent your wallet. But as you see, we do not have it (Moon aspects 3 planets before perfect aspect with Saturn rx). Again, NO answer to your question.

Saturn rx is in the fall of the Moon, so bookie money do not like the querent! Also, as Saturn is retrograde that means bookie's money stay with a bookie.


On 2. Apr. 2013. on the http://www.sbnation.com website you could read the following:

" PSG 2 - 2 Barcelona

It looked as though Barcelona would be able to take a 2-1 win back to Camp Nou after goals from Lionel Messi and Xavi, but Blaise Matuidi knotted things up with a last-minute strike to ensure that Paris Saint-Germain travel to Spain with a glimmer of hope."