The nine-time European champions kick of their group D campaign against Manchester City on Tuesday night (September 18) in what is probably the most anticipated match of the opening week. Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has no fear despite coming up against the history and world-class talents of Real Madrid this week.This will be the first competitive meeting between these two sides!

"Who will win tonight?"

Here is the chart cast for date, place and time where the match was to be held:

After looking at the chart, I left my prediction that Real Madrid will win the match in the Horary section of the HoroscopeChat! Forum in the topic thread: ôReal Madrid vs Man City" a five days before the match took place!

First, as usual, we must determine who is represented by the ASC ruler and who is represented by the DSC ruler.

Real Madrid's home Champions League kit is white in colour, so that fits with the DSC ruler, Venus. So, therefore, the DSC ruler represents Real Madrid which means that the ASC ruler, Mars, represents Man City.

The differences in accidental and essential dignities are not very great. This usually indicates that the match will end in a draw. Next, the Moon makes no aspects either to planets or to the antiscion of planets (within 5 degrees) and it seems, therefore, that nothing happens in this chart...but, Venus, ruler of the 7th house, at 13Leo25, applies to conjunct the antiscion of the POF at 14Leo07! This is a strong and clear testimony that the DSC team will win!

Look at that stationary Pluto so close to the MC! Pluto has a powerful and destructive effect if placed directly on a relevant house cusp. So, here, it has a destructive effect on the success of the ASC team, Man City: one more testimony that Man City will lose!


On 18. Sep 2012. on the website you could read the following:

"Real Madrid 3:2 Man City

Cristiano Ronaldo's last-minute winner gave Real Madrid a thrilling victory over Manchester City in a pulsating Champions League clash at the Bernabeu. "