I ask this question on 23 February, 2006. In first match ( on 21 Febryary 2006, 1:0 for Arsenal), a superb solo strike from Thierry Henry early in the second half earned Arsenal FC a famous win at Real Madrid CF which left the English side well placed to reach the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League (on 8 March 2006.). So, being a Real's supporter I am worry now if they will secure their place in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals and ask this question:

Will Real Madrid beat Arsenal ?

This is the horary chart cast for the date, time and place of when I asked the question :

As a querent, I have a strong identification with Real Madrid, ("my" team), so, Real Madrid gets the 1st house and Arsenal gets 7th house. Now we have to consider ruler of 1st house and ruler of 7th house and see which is the stronger. Also, we must pay attention to planets in 1st house and 7th house and see if they strengthen or afflict house in which they are.

Let's see what we have in this chart:

Ruler of the 1st is Moon, peregrine, detrimet, without of essential dignities, on cusp of 7th house (within 3 degree), this is powerfull position and usually means Real will control situation, but bad news are that Moon is losing light, so Moon is actually "very weak to control".

Ruler of the 7 th house is Sa rx, in detriment, in succedent house, in its own term and face, so better essential dignified from Moon. In the 7th house we have Ve too which is in Moon's detriment, in her own triplicity and term, so Ve strengthen 7th house (Arsenal), and harms Moon (Real). But because Ve is so far from cusp of 7th house this is not major testimony.

From all above, we see that noone has clear advantage in this case, so the answer to my question is "NO" .


On Arsenal's Official website you could read after the match: "It was a goalless but glorious night at Highbury as Arsenal marched into the Champions League Quarter-Finals, because of the 1-0 for Arsenal from the first leg." (noone has clear advantage)

And on Real Madrid's Official website you could read:"The team put in its best effort on the pitch but the lack of scoring capacity and skill leaves Real Madrid out of the Champions League." (Moon, ruler of the Real Madrid in this chart, peregrine and in detriment.) ."