The last four of the 2014 European Men's Handball Championship semi-final participants are: Spain against France and Denmark against Croatia.

Denmark and Croatia had played at almost every major competitions held in previous years, and almost none of those passed that these two selections didnít face each other. They played a total of 12 matches at major competitions in past 10 years and to everything be more interesting, each won by six times. At the last yearís World Cup, Denmark won very convincingly, but the year before Croatia won even more convincingly at the Olympic Games in London. At this championship Denmark was brilliant and is the only team with all six victories, while Croatia was defeated once in the second phase.

On January 24. 2014. on the "Horarna Astrologija - pitaj konkretno forum" I saw a post from a Croatian member, "Baphomet", with a question:

"Will Croatian national team beat Denmark tonight?"

Here is the chart cast for the date, place and time when "Baphomet" asked the question:

After looking at the chart, I left my prediction that Denmark will win!

Because "Baphomet" is a huge Croatian fan, we give Croatia the 1st house and its ruler Mercury. Mercury is peregrine and Under Sun's Beam - quite debilitated.

Croatian opponent, Denmark is represented with a 7th house ruler, Jupiter rx, but exalted! In charts concerning contests, exaltation is a stronger dignity than sign rulership. Also, if we look dignities they slightly favored Denmark.

Next, we must check out if rulers are affected by close aspects from other planets, for better of for worse. And what we found? Mercury has applying aspect after only 10' with Mars which is peregrine and in detriment - this aspect is harmful. Might be you will ask: "But, it is trine aspect?!" Yes, it is trine, but the condition of the aspecting planet, not the nature of the aspect, shows if that aspect is good or bad. Jupiter rx also has a harmful applying aspect with Venus rx which is in the fall of the Jupiter rx, but the aspect will perfect after 1degree 39'. We know that rule: the closer the affecting planet is, the greater the effect it will have! So, Mercury is more afflicted than Jupiter rx, which means Denmark will win!


On 24. January 2014. on the http://den2014.ehf-euro.com/home/ website you could read the following:

"Denmark 29:27 Croatia

With Friday night's 29:27 win against Croatia, Denmark are ready for the final against France at the EHF EURO 2014! Croatia will now face Spain on Sunday for third place."