On January 4th 2021. in the Sports astrology section of the "Astrologers' Community " forum I saw this post from the member "Ferdinand85 "

Can you predict the match between Santa Clara and Benfica please? The match will be played on 4th January 2021. at 4pm Portugal, Ponta Delgada local time .

Here are the chart cast for the date, place and time where the match was to be held:

After looking at the chart, I left this my prediction 9 hours before the match:

I got complicated chart .
Santa Clara play in red kits so it is represented by DSC ruler Jupiter. Benfica will probably play in 3rd colors kit so they are represented by ASC ruler Mercury. If we look for Moon's aspects we have only one important and that is trine with Mercury which would mean that Benfica will win. But Lord of the hour is just about to change sign so the match may end as a draw! So, it is not safe to bet.


After the match on 4. Jan 2021. on the Santa Clara Facebook page you could see this picture and read this:

"Final Result:
Santa Clara 1-1 SL Benfica.
In bravery and race. We are brave!"