The four best teams in the competition, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Italy have made it to the semi-finals and all face tough tasks to reach the final and achieve their dream of winning Euro 2012. Spain and Germany have proved themselves to be worthy pre-tournament favourites by reaching the last four and both look the most likely finalists.

Spain is defending champion. I' m bored of Spain wins, I do not like them to win I would like some "new" team to be the winner. Actually I would like Germany to win this year so I worried and ask the question:

"Will Spain be the winner again?"

This is the horary chart cast for the date, time and place of when I asked the question:

Let's see what the chart says!

After looking at the chart, I left my prediction that the Spain will win again in the Horary section of the "Horarna Astrologija - pitaj konkretno forum" seven days before the final match!

To this type of chart, Spain is given the 7th house ruler on the basis that Spain is the open enemy to "my team" Germany. That is exalted Saturn stationary!! That means all stands as is, there is no change. VOC Moon supports this. Next, 0-1 Degrees of Leo on ASC is long lasting. Fixed signs signify permanence, stability and things that last. And one more thing: Saturn is in conjunction with fortunate fixed star Spica!

Sun, ruler of the 1st house, represents other teams competing against Spain. If we check accidental dignities they are in favor of Spain:

Saturn s=+11

Sun= -7

So, there will be no surprises, Spain will be the winner again!!


On 1. July 2012. on the http://sports.ndtv.com website you could read the following:

"Spain defeat Italy 4-0 to claim the Euro title again!

It was a one-sided final as Spain brought their best game to the fore to slaughter a 10-man Italian unit. Spain sealed their place in history as the first side to win three successive major international tournaments with a stunning victory over Italy in Kiev. "