Super Bowl 50


Denver Broncos vs Carolina Panthers

The crown jewel of the American sports calendar, Super Bowl 50, takes place Feb. 7, 2016, at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers will meet for this year's NFL championship.

Denver Broncos is in the Super Bowl for the eighth time, sporting a 2 - 5 all-time record. It's the second-ever Super Bowl appearance for Carolina Panthers, which lost to New England in its only previous outing.

The Denver Broncos according to odds (which are Broncos 2.95 Panthers 1.42) aren't taking any chances on Super Bowl Sunday. As the home team in Super Bowl 50, the Broncos get to decide which color they're going to wear and they've decided not to wear orange. John Elway told the Associated Press on Monday that the Broncos will be wearing white when they take the field at Levi's Stadium on Feb. 7.

Because the Denver Broncos, designated as the home team for the Feb. 7 matchup, chose to wear white, the Panthers will wear black jerseys and silver pants in the game.

Who will win the Super Bowl 50?

Here is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

Super Bowl 50

After looking at the chart, I left my prediction, that the Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl 50, in the "Sports Astrology" section of the Astrologyweekly Forum 6 days before the match!

First, as usual, we must determine who is represented by the ASC and who is represented by the DSC. The Ascendant ruler and Lord 10 (success of the ASC team) represents one team; the Descendant ruler and Lord 4 (being the 10th house from the 7th) represents the other team and their success.

As a Denver Broncos have announced that they'll be wearing their white jerseys, using the colour method, I attributed ASC in Cancer sign to the Denver Broncos.

As Panthers will wear black jerseys they are represented by the DSC in Capricorn sign.

Charts with Cancer/Capricorn axis are difficult to analyse. The Moon represents the general flow of events. But in this case, the Moon is also ruler of the 1st house, so we have a problem. Frawley suggests us to use the dispositor of the Moon as ruler of the team. Here, though, we can't do that, because the Moon's dispositor is Saturn, and Saturn is Lord 7!

Frawley also suggests us in this case to look for the Moon's aspects within next 5 degrees with the ruler or antiscion of ruler L10 and L4 and aspects with POF or its antiscion!

What we have here? Antiscion of the North Node has been just on the cusp of the MC! This is the testimony which favours the ASC team/Denver Broncos. Next, last Moon's aspect is trine with APOF! That is a strong testimony of the ASC team's victory!

I have noted that the Moon is in Aq! When the transiting Moon is in Aq we can expect excitement, perhaps unexpected results or surprises...and what would be a surprise according to this chart? The surprise would be that the Denver Broncos will win, because, according to the odds, they are the underdogs!!


On 8. Feb. 2016. on the website you could read the following:

"The Denver Broncos Are The Super Bowl 50 Champions!

On Sunday, the Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10 at the Super Bowl 50. The winning team took the lead for most of the game. The Broncos celebrated their THIRD Super Bowl win !"