Confederations Cup 2009 football tournament is going to end on 28 June with the final match between Brazil and USA. The match will take place at the Coca-Cola Park, Johannesburg and millions of football fans are now eagerly waiting for the match. USA caused an upset when they eliminated European champion Spain in the semi final with a 2-0 shocking victory. No doubt, USA players are now gearing up to cause another upset in the tournament final in order to ensure their biggest ever achievement in male’s soccer. Brazil may not have been at their best recently, but their performance so far in the tournament has been pretty much satisfactory. Can the US stop Brazil, who've yet to lose a game in the tournament? After their impressive win against Spain, the Americans should have confidence they can play with Brazil, but is that enough?

Who will be the winner this year?

This is the event horary chart cast for the date, time and place where the match was to be held:

As you know, I use the colour method to assign the ASC ruler and the DSC ruler to the teams.

The USA home sports kit is white. The away sports kit for Brazil is blue/white and their home sports kit is yellow/blue.

This chart is very tricky when it comes to assigning colours. This is because we have Leo and the Su in Can on one side and Aq and its ruler Sa in Vi on another side. Sa, ruler of ASC is in the double bodied sign of Vi, so it suggests 2 colours! Neither Sa or Aq is connected with white, and because of combinations of 2 colours it is obvious that ASC ruler is Brazil.

Leo and its ruler, the Su, is connected with bright colours, i.e. white, so the DSC ruler signifies the USA. ( If you read Zodiacal Signs and Colors carefully, you will notice that Leo is connected with bright colours).

Now that we have assigned the teams, we need to analyse both the accidental and essential dignities.

The essential dignities for the Su and for Sa are the same: - 5.

The accidental dignities for Sa=7 and for Su=1. This means and advantage for the ASC team. The moon is VOC, so we can expect either a draw or that the favourite wins. The favourite is Brazil, and because the result cannot be draw (it is the final), I expected Brazil to win (more acc.dig). One day before the match, I left my prediction on Forum that the ASC team, Brazil would win .


After the match, on I read following text:

"Brazil came back from two goals down at half time to beat The United States 3-2 in the 2009 Confederations Cup final, which was played at the Coca Cola Park Stadium in Johannesburg on Sunday night.

The entertaining final provided a fitting end to what has been a goal-filled ‘Festival of Champions’, full of thrilling action and top class play by the world’s best footballers. "