Author: Vuk Zivkovic


Well , I would say this is the easiest and therefore probably the best method for predicting results of football matches . And why do I call it the best method ? Well, because you don't need absolutely any astrological knowledge to use this method . Everybody can use it . Let me explain it first and then I will show you some examples in order to prove my claims .

Let's say there was a match today in Australia between Melbourne and Perth and Melbourne was the home team so it was played in Melbourne . Let's say the ASC is on the 7th degree of Sagittarius (this is the only thing you need to pay attention at, degree of the ASC ). Melbourne players wore dark blue jerseys and Perth players wore white jerseys . It's clear to you that Melbourne is on ASC . Let me just tell you something before I continue: I don't normally use colour method to assign sides . I use so called darker-lighter method . You have six dark (Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces) and six light signs (Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo,Virgo and Libra) and so the team with darker jersey colour takes one of the dark signs and the team with lighter jersey colour takes one of the light signs (Click here to see how light every colour is ). It's not always easy to assign sides by using darker-lighter method. Especially in cases when one team has green and the other team has blue jersey, or one has red and the other has blue or any other case when both home and away team have one of these there colours. When you have that situation you should use the other method to assign sides. So called colour method.

Let's say the match started at 05:00 PM by local time in Melbourne. Melbourne won 2:0 . So darker team won . NOW HERE'S THE TRICK:

The match started at 05:00 PM by local time in Melbourne . The time in Europe (most of Europe) was 09:00 AM . A football match takes about an hour and 45 minutes to finish . So at about 10:45 AM we in Europe knew the result of this match . And it's not even noon, so plenty of matches left to play that day . Now everything you had to do is find the match which has the same ASC degree (well, not exactly the same but about 3 degrees above or below would be all right ). When you found it you check for team's jerseys and assign sides. The darker team will win ! Why? Well it's simple, because that's the same chart and the same thing is going to happen as in Melbourne - Perth match ! Darker (Melbourne) won, so the team with darker jersey will be also the winner in this match (I must stress that it won't always win , but you are 100% sure that it won't lose . Do you get the point? We used the same chart , the same thing happened, it's just time zones that helped us !

Now some examples:


Concordia - Astra 0:2 , 25.07.2014. , 05:30 PM (in central Europe) 06:30 PM (local time in Bucharest ),

and the other match

Osters - Angelholms 2:0 , 25.07.2014. , 07:20 PM (local) , Vaxjo

Here you can take a look at videos from these matches:

Concordia vs Astra

Osters vs Angelholms

First match ended at 07:15 PM so you had 5 minutes to check the jerseys and bet. Teams with red jersey won here. Charts are completely identical. It's even the same result that's interesting !


Metalurg Donetsk - Dnipro 0:2 , 25.07.2014. , 06:00 PM (central Europe), 07:00 PM (local in Donetsk),

and the other match

Bournemouth - Southampton 0:1, 25.07.2014., 08:45 PM (central Europe), 07:45 PM (local in Bournemouth)

Teams with darker jersey won .


Bournemouth vs Southampton


CSMS iasi - CFR Cluj 4:2 , 20.07.2014. , 05:00 PM (central Europe) 06:00 PM (local in iasi)

and the other match

Belenenses - Estoril 1:2 , 20.07.2014. , 07:00 PM (central Europe) , 06:00 PM (local in Lisbon)

Now teams with lighter jersey won


Benfica - Sporting Lisbon 0:1, 20.07.2014., 09:30 PM (central Europe), 08:30 PM (local in Lisbon)

and the other match

Fluminense - Santos 1:0, 20.07.2014., 11:30 PM (central Europe), 04:30 PM (local in Rio de Janeiro)

Again teams with lighter jersey won .

Video :

Benfica - Sporting Lisbon

And that's it folks, it's simple as that !