The knockout stage of the World Cup begins Saturday with host Brazil playing Chile, the South American rival it has dominated over the years.

Brazil hasnít lost to Chile in more than a decade, and has never lost to it on home soil. But for the first time Chile arrives to face its neighbor with plenty of confidence, thanks in part to a convincing campaign in Group B that included a victory over defending champion Spain.

One day before the match I was asked by "Rohan", the member of the Horary Astrology section of the Astrologers' Community forum, to share with members my analysis of the event chart of this match.

Here is the chart cast for date, place and time where the match was to be held:

After looking at the chart, I left my prediction that Brazil will win in the Sports Astrology section of the Astrologers'Community Forum one day before the match took place.

First, Brazil as "home" team will surely wear yellow (Venus) kit, they are represented by ASC ruler Venus.

The away Chile's kit is white color, but we have Aries on DSC and ruler Mars which is no way in connection with white color, so I think Chile will wear also their home red kit which perfectly fits, regarding color, with ruler Mars. (Well, teams cannot play in similar colours. Why? Because the players would not easily recognize their own team members, so they would lose much precious time. Moreover, the audience at the stadium and the audience in front of the TV would also have difficulties in recognising "who's who". So, teams must be dressed in different (contrasting) colours . The home team, however, has the advantage of being able to play in its own home sports kit. So, in cases like this, you know that the home team will surely play in their home sports kit . This means that the away team must dress their team members in a sports kit which is in a contrasting colour to the home team sports kit. The Chile home sport kit is red! So, it is a contrasting colour to the colour of the home team sports kit (in this case Brazil). And Chile's team members wore their home red sports kit even though they played away. See pic below!).

Moon on the same degree as MC is strong testimony for the ASC team winning. Also, only one important Moon's aspect (within 5 degrees) is with antiscion of the Venus (Lord 1) - one more testimony that ASC team, Brazil, will win.


On 28. Jun 2014. on the website you could read the following:

"Brazil beat Chile on penalties to advance

Hosts Brazil have qualified for the World Cup quarter-finals after beating Chile on penalties. The Brazilians won 3-2 on penalties after the match finished 1-1 at the end of extra-time. "